View Full Version : Game freeze

10th Jan 2014, 21:16
Server EU 267296
Map: Sommerdamm
Time: 20:58

I've played in on this map 3 times tonight, and each time my game freezes and I have to End Task out of it. I've played other maps tonight and this hasn't happened, so I guess it's something to do with Sommerdamm in particular.

When I've End Tasked out I see an error message about video memory (sorry, but I couldn't make a note of the exact wording before it disappeared.).

27th Feb 2014, 19:37
I have the same problem every time I play that particular map too. My AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphic card can handle the game well, and lowering the graphic quality doesn't stop the game from crashing in this map.
The game freezes, I Alt+Tab out of it, and in the desktop there is a "Ran out of video memory! Exiting..." message.

28th Feb 2014, 01:13
Hi there,

I have a problem even getting started in Sommerdam. The counter goes down, the map is loading...and then i find myself at the starting page, downloading armory etc...