View Full Version : MISC. Parallels between L4D (A good thing!)

10th Jan 2014, 16:49
One thing I immediately noticed with the 4v4, the flying ability of the scout picking people up from afar (smoker), the brute charge ability (charger) .... the pounce ability (hunter). It forced the humans to stick together as you can easily get knocked down and cannot retaliate.

I admit I haven't seen all the powers yet (at least I don't think) but it seemed to me that the dynamic of something similar to the 'tank' in L4D would be interesting.... for example at a random point in the match someone could get promoted to be an Elder Kain-like vampire until they die, with increased damage and resistance over normal players (the humans could maybe have some kind of Sarafan Hunter or something).

One thing I always found disappointing in a lot of games (for example TOR) was that classes pound per pound were equal... a bounty hunter being able to beat a similarly skilled Jedi for example. The same applies here... you have powerful vampires being defeated by human hunters.

I realize it's unlikely at this point the scale of balance would change, but it would be interesting to see a level of balance where maybe 8 humans take on 4 vampires. There will be the constant struggle to make the humans attractive to play (as I'm sure there is even with 4v4), but with large incentives to play co-operatively, the humans could have just as much fun coordinating as a group to take down a tougher foe.

10th Jan 2014, 18:09
Cool idea :) Not sure that will happen but I like the thought.

10th Jan 2014, 18:44
This is a neat idea for sure and came up a lot during development.

It's likely that if we do a "super" player idea like you mention, it would be part of a unique game mode designed around it and not a modification to the existing TDM or other modes planned.

The main reasons we have even playercounts are:
- Humans need to feel powerful in their own right. The goal is to encourage team play as humans but not make you feel completely powerless against a single vampire.
- Uneven team sizes (you mentioned 8v4) create matchmaking complications. You'll start seeing some groups of players quitting and joining matches until they end up on the smaller, more powerful vampire team, then quitting when they get swapped to the human side.
- Balancing one side to win a 4v8 means they have to be pretty beefy, and this quickly ruins the "feel" of human weapons and abilities.