View Full Version : Just Cause menus freeze

20th Aug 2008, 13:36
I got lucky, my game runs decently no matter how long I play, I don't get alot of the other errors that people get, but this one confuses me and Eidos support can't help me because I have vista...don't understand why they can't try anyways, but whatever....

So anyways, when I start up the game, the game freezes for about 2-3 seconds, then starts working, but every time I choose a different menu choice, it freezes for 2-3 seconds again. Now, I learned just to set game options outside of the game, and in-game I learned just to start the game, but even the menus in the PDA do this, and sometimes it even freezes and crashes on these menus if I open it too early after starting. Sometimes it even freezes completely while trying to open my harddrive to save. If anyone has a fix for this stupid problem that shouldn't even happen, please help.

Thanks for any help at all