View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Bug: vampires given "Round Defeat" message in first round even with higher score

10th Jan 2014, 07:49
This seems to be a problem introduced with the 9 January patch. At least twice for me, and once for another team tonight, when playing as vampires in the first round, they would receive the "Match Defeat" message even though their score was clearly higher. It could be a coincidence, but it seems suspiciously similar to the problem in which if the vampires win with 40 points in the second round, they win the match even if their overall score is lower.



10th Jan 2014, 13:13
I got the same thing after the patch, was really annoying.. :/ Please fix this, devs!

10th Jan 2014, 18:56
Thanks for the bug report. It's just a display thing, you'll still be credited for the round win towards the match. But it's fixed for the next patch.

18th Jan 2014, 15:17
This just happened to me. I was playing Sommerdamm on EU 228218. In the first round, my team won 19 - 16, but Match defeat was displayed.

It was happening last night too, before the servers went down at around 21:20 ish. Unfortunately, I've lost my notes from last night. Sorry.

9th Feb 2015, 20:07
I haven’t seen this for a long while at the end of a round so think either this old bug might be back or never went away, though it’s on FP and not TDM so thought I’d bring it up again. We lost but nope nope according to the game we won :scratch: