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17th Aug 2008, 22:55
Hi there,

Can anyone help me? I Just installed Thief 2 again to play and stuff.. But the problem is.. When ever i go and technically fight or open door.. The game stucks.. And i have to press "Start" button to quit.. And some times it just hung/stuck up and i have to shutdown the un-proper way..

Can anyone help me?

Also some information,

Chip type: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics controller

DAC Type: Internal

Memory Size: 96 MB

Adapter String: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics controller

Bios Information: Intel Video BIOS

With 504 MB of RAM and 2.99 GHz

Also one more thing...

My CD got broked and i backed up it before. So now i play from a burned/Back up disc (not one i made 3-4).. Also in installation, it was showing errors like cannot copy file corrupted, so i just switched the CD's and made it to install...(It took me 4-5 times of switching the disc's..)


Hope someone can help me soon :D

18th Aug 2008, 05:10
XP, VISTA, MS2000,98? Which?

Read the FAQs.


18th Aug 2008, 10:51
XP.. Heh sorry that i dint include that...