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10th Jan 2014, 00:46
Well first off I came in to the game expecting it to be another 'meh' mediocre fantasy TDM... I was wrong and I find the game very good already. I do have a few major/minor issues depending on how you see it.

Obviously the teams aren't equal and while I don't find the game balance skewed towards 1 team or the other(maybe I'm too new?), I'm pretty sure the vampires require more teamwork and coordination to win...which is fine because it's sort of like L4D in that way.

With that being said the vampires are way too visible for how dark it is and having to be sneaky or use teamwork. It's kind of like they glow in the dark and that is just kind of funny. It kind of sucks being seen half way across the map and breaks any intimidation from playing as a human when I can see them bright as day all the way across and start firing.
That is all. :)

10th Jan 2014, 15:27
It is true that its easy to see vampires from very far away, but it is entirely possible to get pretty close without being seen. It takes some practice and maybe better knowledge of the maps but it can be done :).

The issue with making it even harder to see vampires is that some of the classes become almost impossible to play without having a chance once in a while to peg a distant vampire with damage. Scout comes to mind for me, there are games sometimes where the vampire are very adept at getting close without being seen and it gets to a point where you can't play scout, and you need more mobility such as a hunter or alchemist.

10th Jan 2014, 16:31
This could always be countered by having a mechanic allowing the scout be able to spot vampire, or give an indicator of where the vampire could be, either as a skill or as a natural part of the class

10th Jan 2014, 20:03
I wasn't saying they should be invisible or near it at all but I was thinking maybe they could make them not be so bright and glowy.

10th Jan 2014, 20:44
In skill-based, potentially competitive games, intentionally obfuscating player models is just bad design. Players have different hardware, so some setups will have enormous visual advantages over another. Players will also edit their gamma/brightness/color curves to make the game look garish, but easy to recognize targets. Eg. new 144hz professional gaming monitors let you adjust black levels, deepen colors, and limit white levels. Settings can also be adjusted through the video drivers.

This isn't a sim like Arma. Gameplay isn't centered around pixel hunting blurry messes in the distance - it's about clean visuals, and using teamwork, positioning, line-of-sight, and timing to win. You need to be able to easily see sentinels positioning and setting up dives from a distance, or spot snipers at a glance, because of their danger.