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26th Jun 2012, 16:59
They get there greatest heroes into one game like Sora,Neku,Cloud,Eve, and few other heroes from square enix great video game history.

Who agrees on the idea.

26th Jun 2012, 17:20
So like a Square-Enix Brawl/Smash Brothers, but with a story?

I don't dislike the idea, but I imagine there'd be a lot of OOC going on. Like, there's usually at least one god-like character in each S-E game. How do you decide which of them is the most powerful when you cross-over the various game universes and their respective rules? And if you figure that out, how do you go about it without pissing off respective fans of said characters? xD

26th Jun 2012, 17:21
I do! I am interested in what type of game it would be... fighting seems most likely, and thanks to Dissidia we know they can pull it off... I wouldn't want to see it done like KH, with a new main character who just meets all these characters in his travels (I love KH but it doesn't need to be cloned). I wouldn't want a story in it... didn't like Dissidia's, felt like it didn't do justice to the characters or their original games, but with that many main characters its hard to do much anyways. If the game is fun and has a cool cast, I'm totally in!

I'd probably main Lenneth tho... unless Silmeria was in it, but if only one character can represent a game/series I would expect it would be Lenneth.

26th Jun 2012, 17:30
It sounds a lot like dissidia with extra characters thrown in. If anything I just want to see Sora and Cloud make it into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. That game was soo much fun to play at E3. I cannot wait for te release.

26th Jun 2012, 17:31
As far as I see it as long as they bring Sora or Tidus in I'm happy

26th Jun 2012, 17:57
It could be cool as a fighting game. I think it would be even cooler as an rpg or an action rpg. Chrono and Sora and Lightning and Lara..... I would be one very happy camper! :3

26th Jun 2012, 19:35
Reminds me of Dissidia, except with characters outside the FF universe as well. I like that idea.

1st Aug 2012, 22:08
So, for my 100th post on the Square Enix Forums (which took a long ass time to achieve), I made my first thread.

If you were to make your own Square Enix game, what would it be about? If you can, explain. It does not have to revolve around Final Fantasy so much. I'll post my idea soon as I have it set up. I have the concept: I'm just trying to expand it. I hope nobody else made this thread before me.

2nd Aug 2012, 02:32
XBLA, PSN, and Steam game called Final Fantasy Arcade.

Nothing new or special, just a compilation of minigames (TT, Chocobo Races, and so forth) from several Final Fantasy titles made to have online multiplayer.

2nd Aug 2012, 06:27
i had an idea that could potentionaly boost gameplay and all that other stuff but have no idea of were to submit it
does anyone know where i can submit the idea

3rd Aug 2012, 08:40
You would have to post that idea on my thread, "Your Own Square Enix Game", for members to look at and comment. Unfortunately, your idea can't be reviewed by Square Enix employees because they do not accept admissions.

3rd Aug 2012, 11:49
if i could make a square game id make one that would go on a specialy made flash drive so that you could play it on any system, boosted graphics due to more space on the flash drive, longer in-depth story also due to more space available on the flash drive, all that other that other @&$%^# that could not be put on the cds due to limited space, and last but not least it being unhackable due to the flash dive being custom made with some parts that wont work with anything else but the flash drive and does not start until the game starts so that the game wont be able to be pirated.
all that anyone would need is the games flash drive and a disk that would let any square enix game that uses this method to be played on the console

3rd Aug 2012, 13:09
My dream game would be something like a futuristic open cyberpunk game in a huge dystopian metropolis with various factions and whatnot. Think Deus Ex mixed together with some open world RPG like Skyrim. The Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games could start working on it after Sleeping Dogs is released later this month http://na.square-enix.com/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-tongue-out.gif

It would be nice to see a good fast-paced action Front Mission game too, Front Mission Evolved was slow and dull. Then again, that might be more suitable for a new mech IP, I guess, seeing Front Mission were strategy games compared to the Zone of the Enders stuff from Konami which was real-time action from the start.

I would also love to see a new game similiar to Threads of Fate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threads_of_Fate). That game was so silly, charming and fun, and arguably have the best video game protagonist of all time (Mint).

3rd Aug 2012, 13:17
I was thinking about something I was starting to write, what I refer to as a "psychological military sci-fi/fantasy" game, about seemingly helpful mercenaries who try to rid the world (or area) of the corrupting rich people inside of it, and is being hunted down by crooked officials in the process. I want it to lean more towards the Mass Effect series, except with some twists. The player(s) can make their own decisions on the game, and can dress however they like, and utilize the many types of weapons that would be available: guns, swords, a new weapon I would call "cirnetecs". The story would be called Endless White or With Darkness, and I sort of started it on fictionpress.com. I'll explain later.

It would also be cool if they made a game based off of Tom Hanks' Electric City.

8th Aug 2012, 12:30
My game still needs some essential details, but here it goes...

It's called The 11th Hour. It would incorperate other Square games (FF, KH, maybe PE), but would basiclly follow the journey of four main players (possible multiplayer deal). One of these characters is something I like to call a Time Turner, a type of creature (humanoid in this case) that can travel through and control elements of time without effecting past or future events. They travel through different worlds and time to set things back to normal after the villian has knocked everything out of wack. But that's the basic gist of it. (btw, if anyone responds to this, I will not be able to answer until after the 12th. Please don't think me as rude or degligent.)

9th Aug 2012, 02:38
i think i would keep with the final fantasy name if i could. however i would make it to where it dealt with an underwater civilization. you could travel in water and on land but your character or characters would be more adpted to water. there would be pirates and such and the occasional sea monster. most cities would be found floating on the water. and i would add little things as where you could customize weapons clothing and such. also i would make it to where you can add status effects and elemental damage to weapons and based on the type can alter your weapon. idk what the storyline would be though havent thought that far.

17th Oct 2012, 19:21
Notes: The regular defend command can't be used at the same time as the regular recharge/reload command for the same character. The regular jump command can't be used at the same time as the regular duck command for the same character. How long a team member takes to respond to a command depends on where they are at in relation to the character calling for the team-up attack/assist and if can get to the location of the call. And releasing a button that does something when held switches the action back to whatever it was before being held. Both features activated by the Balance board can be activated at the same time. The amount of pressure required on the Balance Board to activate a feature is just enough for it to recognize weight on it. The defeat screen character that you are talking for is the 1 you are playing on the big screen. The 15 minutes in the tutorial mission is to give players enough time to get used to the controls while not enough time to be able to pass the tutorial mission by alternating the playable characters so focus is never on more than 1 playable character at a time or by fully working with 1 playable character than working with the other playable character. Split Saves are the only type of saves a player must go through when playing the game.


left joystick - Move current playable character on big screen.
right joystick - Move current playable character on game-pad screen.
left joystick button - Switches between slow and normal pace for current playable character on big screen.
right joystick button - Switches between slow and normal pace for current playable character on game-pad screen.
hold left joystick button - Switches to fast pace for current playable character on big screen.
hold right joystick button - Switches to fast pace for current playable character on game-pad screen.
LZ trigger button - Moves the back-up for the current playable character on big screen 1 place counter-clockwise in the rotation.
RZ trigger button - Moves the back-up for the current playable character on big screen 1 place clockwise in the rotation.
LZ trigger button + RZ trigger button - Switches over from the current playable character on big screen to that character's back-up character at the location of the back-up character.
L shoulder button - Moves the back-up for the current playable character on game-pad screen 1 place counter-clockwise in the rotation.
RZ shoulder button - Moves the back-up for the current playable character on game-pad screen 1 place clockwise in the rotation.
LZ shoulder button + RZ shoulder button - Switches over from the current playable character on game-pad screen to that character's back-up character at the location of the back-up character.
up on directional pad - Makes current playable character on big screen jump.
right on directional pad - Makes current playable character on big screen defend.
down on directional pad - Makes current playable character on big screen duck.
left on directional pad - Makes current playable character on big screen recharge/reload if able.
quickly move game-pad up - Makes current playable character on game-pad screen jump.
quickly move game-pad back - Makes current playable character on game-pad screen defend.
quickly move game-pad down - Makes current playable character on game-pad screen duck.
shake game-pad - Makes current playable character on game-pad screen recharge/reload if able.
move figurine across the camera's view like a scanner - Quickly switches over from current playable character on big screen with that figurine's character at that character's location provided that you have got that character to join your party, is certainly available, and don't have the character doing something.
move equipment card across the camera's view like a scanner - Quickly switches an item the current playable character on big screen is using provided that character has that item with him/her/hir/it and can use it.
move figurine across the sensor bar - Quickly switches over from current playable character on game-pad screen with that figurine's character at that character's location provided that you have got that character to join your party, is certainly available, and don't have the character doing something.
move equipment card across the sensor bar - Quickly switches an item the current playable character on game-pad screen is using provided that character has that item with him/her/hir/it and can use it.
microphone - Have character(s) say what you say.
pressure on left Balance Board pad - Allows looking around in the game-pad screen by moving the game-pad.
pressure on right Balance Board pad - Allows game-pad to be used as a scanning device for the big screen.
select button - Rotates through the options of whatever menu is on the big screen.
start button - Pauses/unpauses the game.
A button - Cancels out any menu on the big screen without making any selections.
B button - Switches between which of the 2 characters you are controlling that you are speaking for.
hold B button - Allows you to speak for both the characters you are controlling at the same time.
X button - Opens up menu of nonphysical actions with nonphysical start-ups on big screen. Switches over to menu of nonphysical actions with physical start-ups on big screen from menu of physical actions with physical start-ups on big screen. Confirms selected option in all menus on big screen but that of physical actions with physical start-ups.
Y button - Opens up menu of physical actions with physical start-ups on big screen. Switches over to menu of physical actions with nonphysical start-ups on big screen from menu of nonphysical actions with nonphysical start-ups on big screen. Confirms selected option in all menus on big screen but that of nonphysical actions with nonphysical start-ups.
A button + B button - Back-up character for current playable character on game-pad screen is called in to assist.
A button + X button - Back-up character for current playable character on big screen is called in to assist.
A button + Y button - Back-up character for current playable character on big screen is called in for a team-up attack.
B button + X button - Swaps whats on the big screen and the game-pad screen.
B button + Y button - Back-up character for current playable character on game-pad screen is called in for a team-up attack.
X button + Y button - Opens up/swaps to menu of actions where either the action itself, the start-up for the action, or both can't be clearly split from physical and nonphysical without turning it into a different action on the big screen.
A button + B button + X button - Opens up/swaps to transformation menu for current playable characters onto big screen.
A button + B button + Y button - Opens up transformation menu for current playable character on game-pad screen onto the game-pad screen.
A button + X button + Y button - Opens up/swaps to transformation menu for current playable character on big screen onto the big screen.
B button + X button + Y button - Opens up/swaps to transformation menu for party members currently not being played onto the big screen.
A button + B button + X button + Y button - Opens up/swaps to transformation menu for entire party onto big screen.
touch screen - All other commands for current playable character on game-pad screen.

Starting Main Characters:

Mohammed Chang - Christian prophet that tends to have strange dreams along with his visions of the future. He is the first playable character on the game pad screen.
Phil Campbell - 1 week old baby born to prevent Democracy's total control in the original foreseen future when he grew up but now the catalyze to get a team together for stopping the plan from being completed early on Democracy's part. He is the first playable character on the big screen.
Democracy - A being determined to change the very foundation of time, space, and beyond so that it always was, is, and will be doing exactly what he wants it to do. He is the main bad guy of this game.

Skeleton for current planned pregame Storyline:

Mohammed Chang has a vision of the future where a grown up Phil Campbell defeats Democracy preventing him from his twisted desire while at the same time pointing out how Democracy is working against his own namesake.
Mohammed Chang goes to check on the baby Phil Campbell with the same deterministic birth marks as the 1 from his vision to confirm it is a vision and not 1 of his crazy dreams.
The full town discovers that Phil Campbell is went more advance than they ever thought possible for such a young age.
Democracy tries to kill Phil Campbell early to prevent the future Mohammed Chang saw from ever occurring thinking he will end up totally unopposed than.
Mohammed Chang saves Phil Campbell by taking them to some place random and changing their physical bodies to better fit in with the new environment.
Mohammed Chang gets a message from an unknown background player that the reason Democracy knew of the future he saw was because of a crazy seer that also saw the future and decided to tell Democracy so he could get his way for her own insane reasons.
Not liking the fact that they stayed human instead of transforming into a local version of the dominate species, Mohammed Chang wants to check what went wrong with that process.
He is than told that it will be a little over 15 minutes before Democracy figures out what he did so as many allies as possible have to be gotten in that time while also taking on the research.
Mohammed Chang first attempts to have the Phil Campbell and himself take on the research than search for allies since the research center is only about a minute from the town and they landed between the 2 places.
A pond learning they won't have the time enough left over to get the allies that way, Mohammed Chang decides to have the 2 of them recruit the allies first than do the research.
At this point, it is revealed that the 2 tasks both require most of the time to get done right so the team would at least stand a change in the upcoming battle with it requiring a 25 – 30 minute count down clock instead of a little over 15 minutes version to do it the way Mohammed Chang wants to do it in.
Mohammed Chang reluctantly decides the 2 of them have to split up where he takes the research task since he already knows the basis of what to look for while Phil Campbell goes gets the allies.
Once Mohammed Chang convinces Phil Campbell to go along with the plan, the player takes control of both characters with a 15 minute counter down timer to work against.


The game can't be saved until the tutorial is over than saves like a Final Fantasy game would with the exception of before split in paths of getting the game endings. When a split in paths for getting the game endings occur a Split Save is preformed on the save file so the player can get a chance to get all the endings without having to always start the game over.


Finishing each game path unlocks that path's game ending to be viewed at any time. In addition there is 10 additional game endings that are unlocked by doing the tutorial incorrectly. The ways to unlock the tutorial game endings are 1. Don't do anything., 2. Fail both assignments., 3. Succeed in Mohammed Chang's assignment but don't get him back to the start in time while failing Phil Campbell's assignment., 4. Succeed in Phil Campbell's assignment but don't get his group to the starting location in time while failing Mohammed Chang's assignment., 5. Succeed in Mohammed Chang's assignment and get him back to the start in time while failing Phil Campbell's assignment., 6. Succeed in Phil Campbell's assignment and get his group to the starting location in time while failing Mohammed Chang's assignment., 7. Succeed in both assignments but only get Mohammed Chang alone or with some of Phil Campbell's group to the starting location in time., 8. Succeed in both assignments but only get Phil Campbell's group to the starting location in time., 9. Succeed in both assignments but only get some of Phil Campbell's group to the starting location in time., and 10. Succeed in both assignments but don't get anybody to the starting location in time.

17th Oct 2012, 20:10
The World Ends with You would be awesome.

17th Nov 2012, 01:25
So here's how it would go.Please take the time to read the whole thing and tell me your opinion.

You would be on earth first,you would be part of the army.NASA has brought an alien artifact from Mars for the army to study,and as always something goes horribly wrong.The artifact uses some kind of electromagnetic signal to send some aliens your way.You and your mates try to contain the aliens within the base but fail.After slaughtering everyone at the base and moving on to the city,they abduct you to their mother-ship.You knock out the alien that's inspecting you,grab some kind of surgical knife,and (I won't go into details) you basically steal a small pod and fly back to earth.As you are about to land in LA,you see a small house that seems to be heavily barricaded and some people outside frantically trying to keep the zombies from getting in with machine guns.You land the pod near the house and go see what's going on.As soon as the people see you,they give you an M16 and in 2 hours' worth of time,you finally fend off the aliens.You introduce yourself to them,yadda,yadda you become part of their group.Every day,you have to venture into town to get food and come back to the house.As you manage to scavenge more and more weapons and guns,you start to take over and barricade other houses,until,within a long period of game play,you manage to take over the whole city.You find more survivors in your adventure and together you all form a group of about 30 people armed to the teeth.Somewhere near the end,you get to a military base,and use several communication devices,to contact other countries and get help.As you scavenge around,you find a switch.Reluctantly you press it and find that for the last couple of years,the military had been stashing 10 prototype mechs.In the final battle,your group of people,the Russian and Chinese army,battle the aliens at their main headquarters in Sacramento.At the final cut scene,you manage you see how your victory has affected the US,and in about 3-4 years' work,the country is finally back in the humans' hands.The End.

Also,you could choose between 2 storylines.The aliens' point of view(bad ending)and the humans' point of view(good ending).There would also be a survival mode,where you had to resist waves of aliens in only that one house that you start with.

The aliens' storyline would go as follows:
You're an alien general from the planet Xomery.For years you and your army have been keeping an eye on the humans...watching them advance...fearing they would find you.When they took that alien artifact,you knew they went too far.The plan you have been putting together for centuries can finally take place.You don't expect much resistance from them,since your technology is light years ahead of theirs.As you position your mothership above earth,you receive the emergency signal from the artifact...it's time to go.Your first objective is to establish a base.You have chosen the city of Sacramento.After you extermine all form of life in the city,you establish your base in the capitol,heavily fortifying it against any sort of opposing force.After a couple weeks,you get news from a patrol about a group of rebels taking over L.A.,you cannot allow it.You move your troops in,but get much more resistance than expected from that petty group of humans.Fortunately they're nothing against your lasers,and in no time,you take them out.After 3-4 years,you take over earth...ridding it of any human life form...establishing a link between it..and your home planet.It is yours to rule.

Thank you for your time. :)

14th Dec 2012, 01:37
I've noticed that there are no actual co-op rpgs out there that you can do online co-op with a friend (excluding mmo's). It'd be kinda fun to have a game where you could actually invite a friend to quest with you etc... Maybe make an interesting combat engine with it so that both people control a single character in multi play mode... I know that there'd probably be a market for it.

14th Dec 2012, 03:06
I think that'd be neat. In turn-based combat, all players control their own character and can choose whether to fight with or without their party.

19th Dec 2012, 17:10
Not even turn based combat, but maybe an Action RPG similar to the Kingdom Hearts style of combat. Make it so it takes a bit of skill to fight things etc.... Seeing as we have the ability now to go online it'd be kinda fun. Plus then unlike MMO's there'd be a definite ending to the game. I always love ending cinematics with things. Plus closure so I can actually move on.

5th Mar 2013, 22:20
I have a game idea that hopefully Sqaure Enix will like and hopefully create the game.

In my game idea the game is an open world like Sleeping Dogs, and it is about a young man who becomes a vigilante. The character starts out ordinary then one day he discovers a remarkable power when he and his girlfriend/friend/sibling get confronted in an alley and they try shooting the protagonist when they realize his wounds heal as soon as he is shot, but he still feels the pain and faints. He then becomes a vigilante and has a dying wish to kill the people responsible for his girlfriend/friend/sibling's death. The protagonist also faces difficulties with the law, and he is a wanted criminal, but civilians worship him as a hero and conflicts break out between police and civilians. Civilians protest that the protagonist is a hero and the cops are dicks... This creates side missions which gives the player the option to choose to fight the police or fight the civilians. If he chooses to fight the cops his Civilian reputation increases. If he chooses to fight the civilians his cop reputation increases... If his civilian reputation is low civilians will try to kill the player, same with cop reputation.
If the reputation is high on either cop/civilian then whichever side the player has a good rep with will sometimes help him in conflicts.

Another thing that would be cool as side missions is criminal fights. The player will be walking down the street or something and then bad guys will be beating on some civilian or bad guys will be dealing drugs, and the player will be allowed to kill them. This will increase the play value of the game a lot.

How will the protagonist die if his wounds heal? He doesn't, however there still should be a health system where like I said he still feels pain, but the health meter will be his pain meter, and if his pain meter get's too low he will faint and wake up in a hospital or something. Also that would be cool if the player could customize their own character, but that is Sqaure Enix's choice if they want to make this of course. IF they do decide they like this idea they can create it without giving any credit to me what-so-ever. I just really hunger for a game like this.

27th May 2013, 13:31
I posted this recently on a GameFaqs board and I thought I'd throw it over here to see what some of your viewpoints are. I've been rather biased towards Square-Enix's library than most others so it'd been even cooler if they were to pilot it first.

As developers look for new and interesting ways to attract more folks to their games, ideas become limited by what's financially feasible and what people are willing to try out.

For someone who's been playing games for nearly a quarter of a century, I sometimes look back at the advantages of playing older school games (mainly RPGs, but others as well). Back then games were short enough to where you could experience the entire story in as little as a couple of days if you were quick. There are still games like that now, but oftentimes you try to follow a game for the story and end up getting side-tracked on mini-games, competitions, level grinding, etc.. Nowadays they have 8-hour videos on YouTube that more-or-less allow you to watch all the cut-scenes straight on through. Seeing this I started to wonder about something.

What if you took a game that's already been released (let's say something like Xenogears) and stripped it down to just the cut scenes and story. No game play, no menus, world maps, nothing! Kind of like a cross between a book and a movie. It wouldn't be marketed as a game, but it isn't. It'd be more like something you'd buy for your Kindle.

Call it a way of introducing stories and smaller projects to the e-reader community. Here are some advantages I see being created:

-The time limitations and rules of doing it as a series of episodes drops out because it's in the format of a book.
-Production costs are skimmed because it's all cut-scenes/movies and then however the director chooses to show the rest of the story.
-If you create it all on a computer and format it to a video file you've now done away with issues of programming for multiple platforms.
-Let's say you have a script, character designs, and some idea of scenery but the development costs to create the game are too great. Well now you can just put it into this format and finish the rest of your story (Hello Xenogears/Xenosaga episode 4!).
-A developer only has to create the scenes he wants the player to see so if your room has no ceilings, who cares!

Of course anything like what I just mentioned would have to be piloted to see if it would actually sell. I would personally start with titles that have already been released and make the costs really low ($3.99 - $5 a story). This way a developer can also add in extra scenes to flesh things out more, and work on the overall layout. The main idea is to limit the interaction to that of a book so as not to distract the reader from the eye-candy and story. If it must be included, throw something like Triple Triad as a small little extra. Developers could potentially use this medium as a way of attracting the e-reader community, and generating interest in newer ideas that have more risk.

Any thoughts on this?

14th Jun 2013, 22:18
The reason why I am sending you this email is very simple. My friend and i love your games and have been playing them for many years. We have tried many different games across all platforms learning and gaining expierence in the gaming field. Finding out what gamers love and like, It truly is a difficult journey. Now to the main point we have come up with an idea that might kick start a new Top of the line gaming series where every game is different then the last and will gain popularity with each new release. The main focus of this game is The " What If" scenario, Such as; What if the Roman Empire was never Destoyed?*Or " What If"; scenerio" What Is The American south Won". Wouldnt that be something a very different world would excist. Using the " What If" scenario series would be amazing creating endless possibilities of games that could be the start of something very new and its just what the gamers want! Square Enix would be the perfect company to begin this! Your captivating stories that have been around for a long time such as Final Fantasy so far up to 15 titles and still on going. To be perfectly honest We just want to give you this idea to make gaming even better, because you guys really do make some of the best games out there.
Thank You so much, ***
Christian Broussely
Mason Gaynor

26th Jan 2014, 23:04
The game would follow Matt Cañas, a former Navy SEAL who was honourably discharged after being shot in the neck. Matt lives in a town in Colorado with his dog, a husky, named Casey.

The opening scene would show a flashback to 1998, when Matt was 10 years old and living with his parents. His father David Cañas had a husky named Willow (prequel already thought of). One summer night in the early hours of the morning, the family house is set on fire by some thugs. A young Matt is suffocated by the smoke while sleeping and passes out. Willow drags and carries young Matt out of the house to safety, as the roof and upstairs of the house collapses and kills David and his wife Victoria.

Now, a 10 year old Matt stood with Willow in a graveyard, looking toward his mother and fathers grave. Then a transition, showing 25 year old Matt stood with Casey, looking toward his mother, father and Willow's grave.

*3 Years Later*
Matt comes home from town to find his house on fire, with Casey inside. He rushes in and gets Casey out as his house burns in the background. In his mailbox he notices an envelope, inside he finds a used matchstick and a letter reading "Like Father, Like Son". Thus begins a mission of revenge, to find the people responsible for his parents death and the people now trying to kill him.

So far, this is what I've come up with.

The game would be 3rd person with Casey with you in most parts of the game. While Casey is with you, you can give him commands that help you throughout the game, such as sneaking into small gaps and grabbing keys from inside a building so you can unlock the door from the outside (as an example).

Like I've mentioned I have a vivid idea for what would be a prequel, where you play as David Cañas with Willow.

10th Mar 2014, 13:38
Please, leave an answer about your thoughts and if you coulkd imagine this kind of game or not and of course why!

I just had an idea about a game and wanted to post it here to see what you all thought about it.
No matter what you think, I hope you can stay polite in your replies.
This will mainly be a PvP game
The game mechanics should be like Dissidia's or those of Birth by sleep. I don't know, if it'd be better having the dodge from Dissidia or not.
The game "Phantasy Star Online 2" doesn't provide any PvP features, like any other games, that focus mostly on beating mobs with a party.
And the usual PvP type RPGs are all "press skill type", where often enough the outcome is defined by your actual equipment stats whereas in shooters it's more the individuals skills that count, so i wanted to use a character like in Dissidia or Kingdom Hearts as in a shooter and I'd prefer myself being able to dodge my enemies attacks instead of letting it be done by some evasion stats.
Even though i got the feeling that Phantasy Star Online 2 was popular on Vita users, even if it wasn't released here.
And then there are game's like Monster Hunter that are also very popular on the PSV.
So I've been wondering how a PvP oriented game providing team play would be welcomed.
It's not like I'd be creating such a game, it's just to throw this idea out and have feedback on this.
And who kows, in case that ther will be a lot of positive feedback maybe SE will see this :P

Here a few videos with something like the maps I imagined:
Normal maps:
Snow type map:
Forest type map:

Maybe you've realized, how every character looks completely different from every other thanks to a good amount of clothes and colour options.

The attacks could be a combination of the attacks from both games.
And it would be about shooter-like modes, that are adapted to fit the actual game.

Character creation:

I think that one of the important elements in a game is individuality provided by a character creation.
Personally, I don't like being bound to a certain character.

- Use the base size and body of the different Dissidia characters
Or use 2 sizes: 1 for men and 1 for women (makes cloth creation easier)
- Name creation
- Gender choice
- Set face choice (like A,B, C, D, …)
- Set hair choice
- Set voice choice
- Starting clothing choice:
- Head
- Face
- Chest
- Arm (maybe even upper and lower part separated)
- Hand (maybe combines with lower arm part)
- Waist
- Leg (maybe even upper and lower part separated)
- Feet (maybe combined with lower leg part)
- Weapon

Characters should have:

- Levels:
- from 1 to ?? (I don't know, maybe not even put a level cap) This will be the usual character level.
- A second level, which I'll explain now:
It will be a level that shows NOT the characters strength, but the players strength.
It will also be calculated by Player strength levels and is also determined by the ranking of the player at the end of a round.
Unlike the character level the player level can not only go up, BUT ALSO DOWN
It depends on what level players are above and below you to give you either + or -
That way, it is supposed to show the value of a player himself, since the characters level will go up anyway, no matter what his end round ranking is
(I think it would be better to hide the player level exp bar, that way it would be more of a surprise leveling up)

- EXP bar:
- Raise the amount needed to level up with every level
- The amount of the experience gained depends on the ranking at the end of a round and the level of those participating

- Stats:
- HP: Health points
- ATK: Attack points
- DEF: Defense points
- BRV: Bravery
For those who haven't played Dissidia:
There are bravery attacks which don't aim at the enemy's health, but at his bravery
The higher your ATK the more BRV you steal
The BRV determines how high the dmg of your following HP attack will be
Of course, if you can steal others BRV, they can steal yours
You got a base BRV to which your BRV with automatically fill up when you are below that amount

I'm thinking about giving points for each level up that can be invested in these 4 stats.

- Equipment:
Every part gives a certain bonus (or malus ?) to certain stats (HP, ATK, DEF, BRV)
- Weapon
- Hand
- Head
- Body

Some sets might have set effects.
The equipment only changes stats, and not the appearance

- Clothing:
The clothing is what will change your characters appearance.
That way you won't have to wear anything you don't wanna wear just beacuse of it's stats

- Head
- Face
- Chest
- Arm
- Hand
- Waist
- Leg
- Feet
- Weapon

- Attacks:
A certain amount of attacks of which you can choose the once you want
Attacks will have an EXP bar and can be leveled when used
For each HP and BRV attacks you can choose 3 attacks
They should also be different types of attacks (Physical, Fire, Water/Ice, Lightning, Wind, Darkness, Light, Gravity)

There are nice attacks in the Dissidia series and also in the Kingdom Hearts series

- Skills:
I thought of adding skills (which can also level up by using them) of which you can use some
Like having a certain amount of slots, each skill level takes a slot (so if you have darkness resistance Lv2 it will take 2 slots out of maybe 4, maybe more)
Those skills would give you certain abilities:

- mouvement speed
- resistance to a certain element
- Bonus HP
- Detecting Traps
- Defense boost
- ...

Guild/Clan creation:

Concept of the game:

- For the PvP part:

How to fight:
Teams will have a maximum of 4-6 players
There will be 2 Teams fighting
One match consists of 2 rounds with a side change
I really much liked the fighting in Dissidia, so I imagine it that way
There should be different modes like in a shooter (TDM, Capture, Base, Rescue, Bomb, or something where one team plays shadows and have a specific goal and the others have to beat them...)

Where to fight:
People will fight on maps
I imagined maps like smaller maps in shooters with some buildings you can run up and run in. But nothing too huge since the teams are rather small too.

Time limit for rounds

- Normal PvP
You Join a hosted game and join randomly a team
Gives EXP
Levels up skills

- Competitive PvP:
Join with your team
Gain EXP
Level up skills
Gain Points for items

Teams can be made with random people or guild/clan members

Only on weekends
Only once or twice on each Saturday and sunday
Price for participation (depending on how far you went)
Price for "Winner" and "Runner Up"
The prices will be points for ingame items (clothes, armor pieces, weapons)
The Winners and Runner ups will get points and a bonus item (only obtainable in the tournament)

During the week there will be 2 or 3 nights where you can create a team with others and sign in for warzone.
You get points for winning against other teams that signed in and get a bonus for consecutive wins.
Once you lose, you can restart from 0 wins.
The price will be points with which you can buy new clothes or armor pieces or weapons in the ingame store

There will be a point system for the rankings in competitive PvP for players and for clans
The clan ranking will be made from the clan members average points

Expansions bought with real money adding a few maps and content (not skills, but clothing, or weapons)
Warzones will still be playable for those who don't buy them, but on a different lobby and without the new maps (points earned are still the same in both lobbies)

I mainly thought about this as a Vita game and thought that Square Enix with "Final Fantasy" and and "Kingdom Hearts" had already a lot of nearly ready material for such a game.

After writing this I wondered if the BRV system was a good idea to keep or if the fights would take too much time.

Now, to end this:
- I'd like to hear your thoughts (positive and negative and of course why about the general idea)
- What would you add?
- What would you remove?
- And anything else
- If you don't like this idea, are there still elements you don't find that bad?

P.S. There are quiet a few ideas from the game "Metal Gear Online".
Also, it might as well be, that someone else posted a similar idea. I didn't copy anything, it'd just us having the same idea.

31st Aug 2014, 11:55
i'm a player of DQ series,i have a MMO game idea and basic plan,it originate from DQM,but something new and interesting.it will be different from many online games.
it maybe name "cutie monsters:square formation",the basic plan is not quite completely,and i'm amateur,not professional designer.
but i dont know the email if i need to send the document,another problem is my poor english,maybe i send the document with chinese.


24th Mar 2015, 23:22
You guys really need to think about doing a game with playability/design along the lines of Tomb Raider but based on ninjas in feudal Japan. Despite what some may think that genre is NOT played out at all.

The game series Tenchu had the right idea and peaked A LOT of interest with its setting, authentic costume design and realistic stealth kills, but lets face it, the game didnt do as well as it should have because the developers did an abysmal job with the story line and playability. That game could have took off as one of the biggest franchises in game history had they gotten that right.

Ninjas are w/o a doubt one of the most lovable of characters in history. People LOVE a ninja and pretending to be one. But ninja games recently are all terrible, based on some far fetched fantasy ninja in a futuristic city, with modern era enemies and some ridiculously unrealistic costume. No one wants to play that ninja gaiden crap. People want a realistic, authentic feudal era ninja and samurai game with stealth and cool story line that fits the era. At least somewhat. And cool costumes like they would have worn back then, at least somewhat. Not some "Shredder" looking outfit that looks nothing like what they would have really worn.

And both male and female playable characters was a great idea too. Hell people have petitions out there for a new Tenchu game because they want it to be good so bad, but it never will be with those crappy developers. Sadly. You guys should really think about doing something like that. It could be huge. Guaranteed.

25th Mar 2015, 00:14
Sounds... interesting.

11th Aug 2015, 08:00
Like that Gunslinger Stratos beta that's going on in japan see I would be playing it right about now but It's so complicated to do translating and google isn't the best in translating so no google... but would really love to see that as one of the added games to the list! :)

What do you guys think? Ideas? etc.

22nd May 2016, 22:10
Just so you know, I regularly write and submit my own game ideas on another site. I've just tackled my own Square-Enix fighter featuring all their major stars: Square-Enix vs. DC Universe.

I figured, hey, Square-Enix already has the DC action figure deal, so it shouldn't be too hard to secure the rights for this. Hell, they could actually pitch the DC Play Arts Kai costumes as DLC and make some serious bank on this. Plus, both DC and S-E have a lot of god-like characters, so they're almost tailor-made for eachother. Think of all the intriguing matchups you could have:

-Cloud vs. Batman
-Sephiroth vs. Superman
-Lightning vs. Wonder Woman
-Lara Croft vs. Catwoman
-Agent 47 vs. Red Hood
-Kain vs. Ra's Al Ghul
-Adam Jensen vs. Cyborg
-Caius Ballad vs. General Zod
-Kefka vs. Joker
-Vincent Valentine vs. Deathstroke

The list goes on and on.

I also had the clever idea of having a Dual Fight System. Basically, the game starts out in a NetherRealm fighting game format with two life bars. After a player's first life bar is depleted, it reverts to an Action-Battle RPG system similar to FFVII Remake. Oh, but here's the truly genius part: S-E's characters play with the FFVII Remake/FFXV control system while DC's characters use the control scheme from the Arkham games. Tell me you wouldn't play the hell out of this.

23rd Sep 2016, 20:22
OK first of let me say that personally i think the Final Fantasy series was and still is more popular then the Pokemon crap they have going on, so that being said here's my idea.

Create a game similar to but not relevant to Pokemon Go. But, make it where u can tame, train, and upgrade chocobo's or Chickabo's like what u could in Final Fantasy VII for a mini game that and to make it more fun. Just that add the all time FAVORITE Moogle's but not to train or crap just to play and dance with or even help. Plus add the FAT CHOCOBO somewhere and other creatures through out that u can train like the Eidolons from Final Fantasy IX and the rest of the summonings from the Final Fantasy series.

To me it sounds like a good idea and what i mean by similar but not relevant to is: not having to use the GPS system like that game does but make it massive multiplayer so others can play with others .... i mean what are friends for, and so we cant make our own toon to use. Let me know what u think in the comments below.

7th Dec 2016, 01:33
i liked idea.

SE has best games out there

13th Jan 2017, 05:46
Got tons of ideas for there games already posted one called Id the dark years based often the old Xenogears game. Still even if they made something new. It would be better than what they have done to final fantasy. I mean not to be insulting here, but they have killed that title in a pretty bad way.

12th Mar 2017, 09:06
Reborn the "legacy of Kain"
Remake, Continuation, Reissue, at least something. No network multiplayer, which nobody wants. We want adventure in the world of Nosgoth. With a great story

12th Mar 2017, 09:07
Reborn the "legacy of Kain"
Remake, Continuation, Reissue, at least something. No network multiplayer, which nobody wants. We want adventure in the world of Nosgoth. With a great story

23rd Apr 2017, 20:47
YEAH!!! I just made a post that didn't show up yet called Final Reality I ...have finished all of the FF games and could help make the Ultimate new series ..Hell if they say they want to hire me i would work for minimum wage lol will not say anything about the story or new characters ect ...But i promise it would be the most epic game in history and would surpass all FF games :D lol

29th Apr 2017, 02:46



Yes, I know, Ehrgeiz wasn't made by SE, it was "published" by them...using their characters, a unique and fun action/rpg/adventure platform, and a shoddy story...

IF you haven't played it, I REALLY recommend it..The fighting was fun (Sephi using comet was insanely OP) and the RPG even better with nice little nods to FFVII.