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14th Aug 2008, 00:18
Hi all, I'm going to tell you a bit of a story. Sorry.

So here's my situation:

I recently acquired an Xbox 360, and am loving the fact that I can play some of my favorite pc games on a console and don't have to spend half a day jerry-rigging games like Thief 3 onto my poor, overworked laptop. (I think Thief 3 is the most modern game that my computer can play. Sad, huh?)

When I recently went into a video store and saw an xbox version of TDS for sale at $10, I naturally scooped it right up. But I have an issue...

The Xbox 360 seems to give Garrett the uncanny ability to see sparkly loot, the smoky exits from levels, torches and other sources of light through walls, chests, people, you name it. Last I checked, the mechanical eye wasn't THAT cool.

Now this is helpful in locating the last vestiges of loot on a level, but it does get annoying. Is there a way to play with the settings to get rid of this? I miss my old Thief playing style. :(

17th Aug 2008, 18:03
No fix, sorry. I also have Xbox TDS for my 360. The issue was known ever since TDS made the "backwards compatability" list around three years ago, it has never been and probably never will be fixed.

At least the issue isn't nearly as bad as it could be - Garrett only sees those flame (and similar) effects if they are being rendered, as in only in nearby rooms, not the whole map. If a fireplace is more than one room away then it's not rendered due to the vis-portal optimization things that make the map run smoother.

All in all, after playing it that way for a bit, I'd say it's not too bad a bug and is very playable and "live-with-it"-able.

20th Aug 2008, 21:08
Well, at least the electrical lights don't show through walls. I would have absolutely refused to play the cradle if I had to see the blinking lights a hallway away. :) Thanks for the reply. I was just being optimistic.