View Full Version : USER INTERFACE STATUS: Players: 1, No players online?

9th Jan 2014, 20:51
I've just joined the alpha, and finished downloading/updating the game on Steam.
When I'm on the main menu screen at the top right it says 'STATUS: Players: 1' and I can't find any games to play, so I think my computer hasn't managed to connect to the game server properly or something like that. What should I do?
So far I've tried verifying my game cache incase there wasn't an update I missed but I'm all updated.
I am in the EU.

Link to my DxDiag (http://pastebin.com/bVvU4UzW)

9th Jan 2014, 22:21
Did you already try leaving the lobby and searching again? I will sometimes get stuck in lobbies that no one else seems to be able to join.

10th Jan 2014, 07:27
Don't know why but it's fixed now, I can join matches but it still says Players: 1 in the lobby

10th Jan 2014, 13:14
Maybe try to invite somebody to your lobby? Restarting steam also might help.

11th Jan 2014, 01:46
Ok so I finally got my Alpha forum access to work.. somehow... now the game shows me the same thing no players and I cannot join any games.. It creates a new game and says waiting for players.

10th May 2015, 23:01
I'm getting the same issue for about 2 weeks. Already sent a ticket to Square, but no response :/ btw, I unninstaled and downloaded the game again, tried to restart steam, with no results.