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Lagoon Bug
12th Aug 2008, 00:12
Look what arrived in the mail for me today :D

I already have the one on the right and got another as a back up. Which shirts do you have?

Does anyone have any promo shirts from the first few games?


12th Aug 2008, 00:14
Sadly I don't. I wish. :(

12th Aug 2008, 00:29
I wish I had some T-Shirts with actual Lara Croft on em.

Sadly I cannot find any anywhere :(

Laura Croft
12th Aug 2008, 00:33
Cool shirts dude. I use to have a few when I was little, but obviosuly I grew out of them.

Lagoon Bug
12th Aug 2008, 00:34
I got mine at http://www.concertshoppe.com/storefrontprofiles/deluxeSFshop.aspx?sfid=52527&c=0&search_text=lara+croft&submit=GO

Concert Shoppe has the best prices I could find online. Shipping is 6 bucks per shirt but email them if you're ordering more than one. They made it 7 bucks shipping for two shirts for me. I think you need a google username to order.

12th Aug 2008, 00:53
i am going to make my own (iron on) dont know the design yet...:scratch:

i am also putting together a halloween costume:D :D (classic/anniversary)

12th Aug 2008, 01:53
Do they make these for guys?

Raindrops Melody
12th Aug 2008, 02:11
I make my own with T-Shirt transfers.:D

12th Aug 2008, 02:15
i wish i could have one:(

Raindrops Melody
12th Aug 2008, 02:21
You have a printer?
If you do you can make your own, they sell them at Wall-Mart.;)