View Full Version : A rain problem

9th Aug 2008, 08:23
I think this is one for the trsearch users; I recently downloaded the 'rain' effect, but although I use it as instructed with a waterfall placed in an unused room, the rain effect appears... well, not like rain. It's just a blotchy blur. WHY??

I've tried EVERY rain effect for download on the site. Running outta patience!

thanks to anyone who can help!!

9th Aug 2008, 09:56
The best option if you want rain or snow is to use the new TRNG level editor & game engine along with the NG Scripter. You can make the sky cloud over and the rain to start lightly falling and gradually start raining heavier, even bring in thunder & lightning if you want once you learn how to use it.

12th Aug 2008, 00:00
Yes that's a good idea but I'll just hold out for a bit longer to a solution to this problem, as I already have about half of my game's levels done in the original Editor.

After some testing, i've realized that all waterfalls and things are going wrong in levels where I add horizons. For example, in the original wads that come with LE, waterfalls work perfectly in the Temple of Karnak level, but if I add a horizon to the Cleopatra's Palaces level then the waterfalls look bad again. Is there any way around this? Coz obviously the makers of the game know how coz they've achieved both horizons and waterfalls, only fair us players should be able to do the same!

12th Aug 2008, 08:25
Rain is really easy in the NGLE and the new game engine. I can understand why you're a bit reluctant to change but you could always make current backups of all your files and then using a copy of your WAD and map and texture set, you could try the upgrade to the NGLE. There is even a growing manual for it.