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8th Aug 2008, 21:02
I don't scan this board much.. so if this has been addressed fully, then cool....

but i think Deus Ex3 should have a modified version of the tetris inventory...
that is it should merely include an auto arrange feature.

1st) so IF it is possible that i can fit in my rocket launcher if i just do a rearrangement, then it does the rearrangement for me. If i have four spaces BUT because of my current selcetion of items ther's no way to arrange them to handle the launcher, then the auto arrange won't arrange anything, preventing you from having the item because it simply doesn't fit in your available space.
it's like when you pack your car, there's space everywhere (between seats, under the seat) but the shape of what you're putting in your car is just as important.

I think that takes care of the problem.

2nd) ADDING a weight factor to this is arbitrary, because one would speculate that, for the most part the size and weight of an item are relatively indicitave of eachother (in GENERAL). So a 4 space item is almost always going to be heavier than a 1 space item. however, obviously cigs and candy isn't as heavy as a lam. BUT maybe then have a designated space for those types of items... almost like the equivalent of having a pocket. you put cigs and candy in your pocket... it hink generally, you keep the LAMs out of your pockets..... so you don't eat them... or whatever.

8th Aug 2008, 21:14
It has a discussion open, which you can find within this thread: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=75249

Personally, I hope they only have a few slots for weapons, such as Gears of War. The rest of the inventory I would like done Tetris or Diablo style.