View Full Version : Keir: More Multiplayer Info in Aug.?

8th Aug 2008, 17:48
I thought I read somewhere or maybe heard on G4's coverage of E3 that July/E3 was the single-player info emphasis period and that more multiplayer info would be out in August.

Am I correct on that and, if so, are we still on track to get that MP info this month or has marketting changed its mind?

17th Aug 2008, 01:51
while we have got that there will be 5 new game modes escort, siege, duel, island capture, and competitve.
escort: this one easy to guess one team has to protect something ( convoy, island, ship etc) and one team has to destory it by a certain time.
siege: this ones harder one team must have to hold on when the other has to bombard and or capture the other team.
duel: this could be a single dogfight or a fight with two ships more of a action type of thing.
island capture: this one is easy one team is given a invasin force and the other is to repeal them from captureing there islands.
competitive: this one is hard since they say 5 new modes they might mean that the bsm gamemode is still in and it is not one of the 5. i am guessing this one is based more on stratgy.

they have to let it out soon if there go months again without any thing they will lose there fan base. i remember in apirl and may and early june they lost me i did not look for months and when i finally did on the morning of june 19 i saw the first video just minutes after its release. anyway they can't do that again or they will lose everyone. it will probely be in soon.

27th Aug 2008, 06:55
Perhaps by August they meant the Leipzig Games Conference, which has been going on since the 20th. BSP is supposed to be there, but I haven't seen any new previews yet.

27th Aug 2008, 14:48
They were there but only publicly showed Tomb Raider: Underworld and Monster Lab. It is possible they were showing it in private. I hope to have some new info shortly.

31st Aug 2008, 14:24
I'm getting the feeling that Eidos has decided to shove BS:P into the marketting closet until after Tomb Raider releases. TR is getting all the love right now. Oh well.

31st Aug 2008, 19:44
I don't wanna believe that EIDOS is a "one shot gun" and can only deal with one product at a time. If they are like this there won't be a great and bright future for them...

Perhaps there is nothing they can say. The whole secrecy about the functionality details is very scary. Like in the Cold War - nothing goes out or else... MY guess is that the CEO of EDIOS got it's training either at the MI6 or some nuclear plant. This is an entertainment business where it is ALLOWED to share infos with the fans... geezzz.

Red October
7th Sep 2008, 17:38
It is September 7 i still haven't seen any more info. I was hoping to see some more pacific pic before the LH collider went online and sucked the world into a black hole.:( , but i guess not.