View Full Version : Desktop-Lara??

7th Aug 2008, 16:50
Just wondering, where can you download Desktop-Lara? :scratch:

7th Aug 2008, 16:53
Just a hunch. But probably from the internet.


7th Aug 2008, 16:55
Spong - Your funny. really. see look at me laughing. :( :lol: :lol: :lmao: :rasp:

7th Aug 2008, 16:56
Soz, I couldn't resist it ;)

Seriously though, I'm not sure the Desktop Lara thing is being done this time around. If it's not at Eidos, I imagine it wouldn't be anywhere.

7th Aug 2008, 16:59
:) No, i'm just talking about the Legend one....

7th Aug 2008, 17:02
Why would you want that?

7th Aug 2008, 17:03
Because I'm crazy. Got a problem? :lol: :lmao: :rasp:

7th Aug 2008, 17:13
I have now, you crazy person :rasp:

I had a look on a few torrent sites (the only other place I can think it'll be if it's not at Eidos or Chronicles), but I still drew a blank. I guess you're just gonna have to move on with your life somehow LCR. Desktop Lara may well be gone for good. Sorry.

7th Aug 2008, 17:28
Yeah, I dowloaded it from somewhere... and now it doesnt work... Joy. :( :nut:

7th Aug 2008, 17:43
you download it from the TRL game site but its down for matinece

7th Aug 2008, 17:44
:( i got it whenthe legend site was still up :o

7th Aug 2008, 17:45
you download it from the TRL game site but its down for matinece

Yeah, you can download it but not install it :rasp:. If you were early and installed it when the server was up then you can still have her wandering around the desktop. (Don't know why you'd want that though :scratch:)

7th Aug 2008, 17:54
All righty, downloaded it from CroftGeneration.... seems to be working.. taking ages to load....:( :p

EDIT: No it's not working... :(

7th Aug 2008, 18:46
It doesn't work anymore...you can download it, but sadly it always refuses to install.

Sorry. :(

7th Aug 2008, 22:04
Well there's one on TR Inc and another on DeviantART. I think there's also one on TRChronicles but I'm not so sure. The TR website had one before the Underworld modifications took place. I doubt they have it now.

EDIT: maybe if someone could post the installer application of Desktop Lara it should work. Just a little technical guess, but that should make it work. Another thing is that maybe you can make an isolated folder and download/redownload the necessary files before trying the installer for her.

rabid metro
8th Aug 2008, 02:48
I don't use a PC, so I cannot verify the installation, however Desktop Lara is available for download from www.tombraider.com.

0. click on the "offical tomb raider site" link, above ...

1. from the top menu-bar, click on the "Games" menu item:
Home * News * Games * Media * Blogs * Forum

2. on the games page, click on the Tomb Raider: Legend icon.

3. on the Legend page, click on the [Game Site] button, above the [Buy Now] button.

4. ... choose your territory ...

5. at the Legend site, along the bottom menu-bar, mouse over the "Downloads" menu item:
Home * Game Info * Downloads * Gallery * Community * Karima * Press

6. ...from the pop-up menu, click on the Desktop Lara option.

7. ... mouse over the rubble to reveal the download screen ...

choosing download should send "install.exe" to your computer.
please report back here the status of that installer ...

(and why is there no love for the mac???)

8th Aug 2008, 02:59
just as I noted, rabid. Well explained. :)

(I know. Why don't Macs get some gun action, too? TR started off with Mac) :cool:

8th Aug 2008, 02:59
Works fine until you start to install it. It connects to the site to start downloading and it locks up when it gets to "Downloading 2 of 2"...


I've still got it open and it hasn't done anything for nearly 10 minutes. Looks like it's knackered to me. But thanks for the link Rabid, I haven't been to that website in well over a year.

25th Aug 2008, 21:08
It doesn't make sense:(

25th Aug 2008, 21:15
i wish this thing still worked. been trying for weeks and it just gives me the message

We're sorry... the Desktop Lara server is down for maintenance,and Desktop Lara cannot be installed at this time. Please try again later.

been saying that for almost a month.