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1st Aug 2008, 18:31
In DX we can sometimes command a single NPC by using the dialog by "wait here", "follow me", or "run".

In games the AIs weren't stealthy even in stealth games, I didn't play to many stealth games, but the enemies were more brutal than stealth even on stealth games. this problem isn't a particular to DX AI this problem was in most games.

In DX we can use our allies by attracting enemies close to armed friendly NPCs, those NPCs can be bots or humans and even mutants.

In DX sometimes we have the opportunity to command an NPC by the dialog system.
but it was limited, I think we can expand it by using more kind of orders and sometimes a true command.

This order command can be made on a distance by using items and if have the possibility to command some NPCs in the game, sometimes we are always alone, but we can use the NPCs in a correct form or put them far away of the action zone if we want to stay alone.

If we have a long game (I hope we have it) we can use sometimes a team command for a zone, for example in castle clinton if we have the command of the two soldiers near the entrance they won't go near the subway entrance, because this isn't their action zone.

If the soldiers were dead during our command we can loose a part of the prize, because it's too easy to send them to the death and win, I think if we take the responsibility we must take care of them.
If we want to stay alone we never have to take care of them.

1st Aug 2008, 18:46
"thrust me"

Woah, are you suggesting Deus Sex???

(Yeah my post didnt contribute, sue me.)

Jima B
1st Aug 2008, 19:05
Woah, are you suggesting Deus Sex???

(Yeah my post didnt contribute, sue me.)

To me, it made a valuable contribution.

And it may be nice to have someone work along side you in some missions; thats rather rare in DX. I would like to see more team mates in action (Not that kind of action **** ) , but controlling them im not sure of...

1st Aug 2008, 19:51
Please talk about the idea itself, no flood :D
Do you think take a command of some soldiers in an extended manner can be good or not ?

About the fact we can control them I'm not sure of the goodness of the idea, but I think when we are able to do that I think it can be an improvement if we can control better our team mates or "friendly NPCs"

1st Aug 2008, 23:03
This kind of thing would have to be very limited. I wouldn't want to play a tactical shooter, after all. NPCs I don't mind, but I'm not sure if we should have missions to protect them. Maybe as sort of an optional thing, but I don't see a huge need for it to be fleshed out.

1st Aug 2008, 23:11
I think this idea would be handy if it appeared when talking to an allied soldier, but I don't want some kind of command menu that comes up to order a team around, that would be kinda overkill and not really Deus Ex.
Also, the AI would have to be top-notch, and the soldier would have to understand that he cannot always just go running into the enemy with guns blazing. Maybe an option as part of dialogue to tell him what kind of tactic to choose. But really, I don't think this idea is necessary, I'm just getting ideas.

Perhaps you can ask a soldier if he could join with you (But please dont make them follow you of their own accord just to tag along) - and sometimes you may get soldiers who say like "Sorry man, I've gotta stay for my shift here." And they just act as guards, who will still defend any enemy nearby but won't go on the offence.

Meh. For me, I can take this or leave it. I like the idea of some friendly A.I, but mostly when I think of that I think of it more as the idea of a character exploring something with you. Maybe as a sidequest, a guy or girl wants to go check something out but is too scared to go there themselves. You go with them, and reap the rewards. I'm not bothered about ordering a soldier around to attack enemies that I should be outsmarting by myself (Yeah, I'm a stealth player)

Good thread nonetheless.

2nd Aug 2008, 00:48
We can do some interesting things with NPCs your last proposal is very interesting, because it adds some "life" inside the game.

With the fact we can optionally command NPCs in wanted to expand this part of DX, but sometimes we can't use NPCs as a team mates of course, some missions are more to go alone, than going in action.

If I want to take examples of application in DX 1, I think we can use this thing in
maybe in liberty island
Battery park (Castle Clinton and near the station entrance)
Hell's kitchen (Near the hotel)
Miguel (the NSF)

I don't want to convert DX in a tactical shooter, in UT we can use give orders to team mates and this shooter isn't a tactical shooter...
In DX too but it depends what we want to do
If we won't use them we can, I don't want to be forced to use them, and we don't need them absolutely, they can help us but we rest at the state they can be useful, bu not necessary to accomplish our task.
For example if Anna near the castle wants to give us the command of her troops, we can choose yes or no, if we want a stealth attack select no and don't use them it could be a better option.

It's present in the game but limited.

I think command can allow better tactics ir the fact we can avoid the killing like in battery park and HK ....

2nd Aug 2008, 00:59
Yeah I see what you're saying. If it all adds to the idea of freedom in the game, and the idea that everyone is alive and not just aimlessly walking around, then I think this idea can be a potentially very good one. I often forget that DX can be played by turning yourself into a human tank and just running and gunning. In this way, the idea of having a few troops by your side to launch a full-on assault would be cool.
Also, you could still be a sneaky ***** by making them attack the enemy while you run off and find a back entrance. This means a load of enemies are now distracted and drawn to the bloodshed caused by your poor friends, while you are free to fish around and get up to mischief without a huge amount of risk.

Realistically though, I doubt this feature will be implemented. Theyre bound to throw in friendly A.I, but I don't think they'll give you much degree of control over them, which to me isn't a problem at all. I'm just really tired and managing to think up things i'd like to play, without any regard for the actual limitations and intentions for this game. It's like "3AM philosophy."

2nd Aug 2008, 06:54
It would have to be very limited and done by scripting rather than AI. Because even the very best squad based games still dont do squad based fighting very well. AI is just not up to that standard yet.

But I wouldnt mind some scripted sequences where I could tell the squad to charge in at castle clinton for example.