View Full Version : USER INTERFACE matchstart crash

9th Jan 2014, 00:30
the match will start to load and about 10 seconds later it crashes. whats the problem?

9th Jan 2014, 12:54
Ask Strike about that one. O.o

9th Jan 2014, 13:39
haha, well I don't have much advice except try to reload Nosgoth as fast as possible and try to join on one of your teammates before you get replaced :(. I crash all the time now. I sent a bunch of logs to the dev team, hopefully that will help us all a little. I would suggest you also send your logs for crashes like this that happen all the time. That way we can get em fixed quicker.

9th Jan 2014, 14:43
have you checked Event Viewer? nice and easy to do and you can get plenty of info on crashes of everything and general crap that happens with your pc, its part of windows.