View Full Version : Thief II "Blackmail" mission stuttering

Malax Crunatus
31st Jul 2008, 15:54
Hello. I did a little search but havent found anything similar to my issue, Thief II starts stuttering at "Blackmail" mission, fps goes like 20-25, which is no good. Before this mission everything went fine, no slowdowns. I tried setting "UseMemOverlay" (or something like that, in DDFIX .ini file) to "0" instead of "2" and also another setting which is below "UseMemOverlay", but increasing of fps wasnt so visible (+ 6-8), also in game appeared violet border, which looks like GFX glitch. This lagging starts especially when I enter the sheriffs estates, before that fps is around 40-60 (Vsync on), so its not a big problem.. but maybe you guys can give some advice ?

PC Specs:
Athlon 64 3800 single core;
2 Gb Ram;
8800 GTS 640 Mb, latest DX and drivers;
Win XP Pro;
nothing overclocked

Thief II specs:
Version 1.18, patched with DDFIX.

Malax Crunatus
2nd Aug 2008, 08:48
Now the things gone worse, when I shooted with moss arrow on tiled floor.. it was like the moss keep spreading and spreading, but I only shooted once. In that moment my fps dropped even more, 20 -> 17 -> 14.. then CTD with "program has crashed sorry for... bla bla". Now I cant even load my saved game, cause everytime I get CTD with same message, but I can load previous saves. I suggest something was overloading the game.. but what was that ?

Malax Crunatus
6th Aug 2008, 23:59
Nevermind, I just started again this mission and everyhting went fine.. I dont know what caused the problem, but now its normal fps.