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8th Jan 2014, 18:49
So far I've only played few games but I can get the basic feel of the gameplay. Anyway concerning vampire movement currently I find it a bit too automated for my taste. For example just holding shift and running towards what ever you want to climb or jump to it does it automatically.

For some reason I was under the impression that vampires in this game would move similar to aliens in AvP2 a game which I really loved to play as the "beast" faction. Currently playing as a vampire feels quite dull and it lacks certain aspect in my opinion. What the lacking aspect I feel is is that for example you can't really skulk as a Reaver waiting in the wall or ceiling. Shift + forward doing everything automatically just seems lackluster compared to actually having to pay attention where you're going and having to time your jumps if you want to make it across something.

Anyway I know this game isn't AvP2 etc. but I feel like there could be quite a bit of improvement when it comes to movement of vampires. Maybe a lot of people like the way it is currently or maybe not but this is just my opinion.

8th Jan 2014, 18:55
I can agree with the sentiment here, though I really don't see the need for ceiling climbing. What'd be really nice is being able to hang off a wall without moving.

You'll find though that you'll spend a lot of time on the ground using cover to avoid scouts, much like what having Ichiro marines squads in AvP2 mp does to gameplay.

8th Jan 2014, 21:32
Certainly agree with that issue, plus there's a good degree of situations where my vamp seems to engage climb mode on irrelevant objects while I'm running across the map (like a small broken wall for instance).

9th Jan 2014, 14:10
Hehe I will also beat this dead horse!! I've said it a lot and I think quite a few agree that the auto attacking is crap. And the very limited movement on walls etc is also crap. Sorry for saying it but its crap, you gotta call it what it is. But I definitely need to say I love the game and its awesome but please change those two things.

I feel very limited as vampire and a ton of my auto-attacks miss because of lag or other stupid shenanigans. Also you frequently end up attacking the wrong target when there are two close together and end up getting killed by the dude with 5hp shortly after. AAARRGGGGG!

I think currently at least 30-40% of my autoattacks miss. It never used to be this bad but its horrible now, constantly pouncing through character models and slashing midsections (with hit sound even) and zero damage was done.

9th Jan 2014, 18:29
This is what I felt when I first started playing, and it still holds true now.

Vampires should be able to jump on demand, do UT style wall jumps/wallruns or similar evasive techniques, less locked animations (ie cancel roll into melee) and have less auto-aim but more rotational ability/wider melee arcs. In short, vampires would have a higher skillcap:reward ratio for melee and movement, compared to humans who have a high skillcap:reward ratio for aim.