View Full Version : Tomb Raider Ongoing Story: Part 2

29th Jul 2008, 08:35
This was a terrifically fun game we played a while back. I thought it was time for another go at it.

Here's how it works:

We are going to tell a story about Lara. I start with a sentence, then I leave the ending open (...). The next person finishes the sentence and leaves another open one.
Person #1: Lara went to the store when she saw...
Person #2: ...a big dog wagging his tail at her. However, he was...

I'll start:

Lara is pacing around her front yard, her arms crossed, waiting impatiently for...

31st Jul 2008, 07:24
a dead fish to make the new star wars films, he told her she needed to get him something mythological for him to make them, he said they were going to be about...

31st Jul 2008, 09:25
...the fish statue in her garden revolting against her tyrranny. Deciding that she preferred Star Trek over Star Wars, she...