View Full Version : Weather effects in DX

29th Jul 2008, 02:10
Something I brought up in another thread made me think of this, which hasn't been brought up before. I think that's because it's pretty minor, but I do see some minor potential here.

What do you think if weather effects such as rain, snow, and fog were introduced to the game?
Let me point out I sure as heck don't want any hurricane-force winds blowing through the naval base I'm infiltrating and making it hard to hide behind boxes that are likely to be blown away any second(even though that would be cool as it gets)

However, a bit of rain and fog for dark, gloomy effect could be immersive if done in the right area(like some primitive cathedral-type area) However, maybe snow could be discounted, since on further thought, it probably wouldn't fit too well with the DX-verse(even though I could see some infiltration of an NSF base during a snowstorm) Also, the fog should be thin enough so you can see your enemy and your enemy can see you. Otheriwise, I'd get impatient.

29th Jul 2008, 02:56
Night time thread? (I could merge both of your threads in the list).