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28th Jul 2008, 03:51
As much of a trailer as you can get from the current amount of information. Audio editing took me all day, its hard to chop up a song. I expect I will do more of these once there is more to work with. Can't wait.

YouTube screwed up my audio, and this forum won't let me embed. Here are the places to watch:

YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVDXMCAH0AM)

Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=564208382#/video/video.php?v=26832013382)

28th Jul 2008, 04:24
Wow, looks great!

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

28th Jul 2008, 04:24
Nice work AaronJ. It was nice to see the rendered Deus Ex cutscenes again :)

Jimmy Rabbitte
28th Jul 2008, 04:25
lol way to use the end/beginning remix from the watchmen trailer :rolleyes:

28th Jul 2008, 04:45
I used the song, but remixed myself. Page's line at the end wasn't near as long as Rorschachs, and I didn't have ambiance for the background of the line, so I had to compromise.

Jimmy Rabbitte
28th Jul 2008, 04:47
Naw, I like it. Just busting balls. :)

28th Jul 2008, 04:52

Going off-topic a bit, the spell check is correcting ambience as ambiance. Is it right or am I losing my memory?

28th Jul 2008, 04:58
The Big One was absolutely terrible.

and I couldnt stop laughing XD

You look very sharp, Aaron. :cool:

EDIT: Finally when I read your text I use your voice to read it in my head, I was using Alan Rickmans before...

=/ I miss Alan Rickmans voice now.

28th Jul 2008, 05:04
All I can really say is lol.

28th Jul 2008, 05:21

Going off-topic a bit, the spell check is correcting ambience as ambiance. Is it right or am I losing my memory?

I think ambience is correct

28th Jul 2008, 12:57
That is really good, especially considering there's so few assets out there. I can see Aaron will be tough to beat when we start doing our contests!

28th Jul 2008, 13:14
To avoid the unfairness of allowing a genius to compete, how about you just let me win straight off?

28th Jul 2008, 14:02
Great great video, post it on the DX3 group. :thumbsup:

28th Jul 2008, 22:39
That's a great video. I like it.:thumbsup:

29th Jul 2008, 02:31
Cool use of the "Watchmen" trailer music! :)

29th Jul 2008, 02:33
Thank god people know it as that. It was also used in Batman & Robin...

29th Jul 2008, 12:09
"Discover how it all began"

Are you indicating it's a prequel? I must have missed when Eidos told us that.

Other than that though, it was awesome. Eidos needs to swap their trailer to this one on the DX3 official page. =P

29th Jul 2008, 15:49
When I was getting the intros/endings to make this, I heard Page say the line "We've had to endure much, you and I", and now all of the sudden I believe a prequel will be fine.

30th Jul 2008, 01:10
It's still not confirmed though!

I am going to laugh so hard I will probably go insane when it turns out it's not a prequel.
And if it does turn out to be a prequel, substitute "laugh" for "cry" and it'll end the same way.

Hmm.... either way, I guess I'm in trouble. Damn you Deus Ex!

30th Jul 2008, 09:44
Awesome video! Ahhh....PS2 rendered cutscenes....makes the game look so much more killer.

6th Aug 2008, 07:47
that was so Awesome!!!

6th Aug 2008, 08:01
I find this to be more of a summary of what happened so far than a genuine trailer.

The text "DX3 is coming" isn't enough to qualify this as a trailer.

6th Aug 2008, 08:46
Hate to be the party pooper, but I still get more of a buzz from watching the intro to the original Deus Ex game.

19th Jan 2009, 20:33
The video has been removed from YouTube due to the song. I'd like some more video material, soon.

19th Jan 2009, 21:28
I'm sure someone, somewhere will add some new material soon. :)

The wait (and the not-knowing) kind of excites me anyway. :p