View Full Version : Tomb Raider/Witchblade crossovers

27th Jul 2008, 05:07
I remember the Tomb Raider comics getting their start by having Lara appear in the Witchblade comics. They did several crossovers. Anyway, someone's doing a Witchblade film. It's currently in Pre-production. There's been some talk about another Tomb Raider film (rumours, mostly).

I thought it would be ace if they did a crossover on film in the form of a cameo (have Lara show up in Witchblade or vise versa for a minute or two). The popularity of both of the fandoms would boost each other's. Which, the talk of another Tomb Raider film has been quite mum here lately so there's not a likelihood of it occuring, but it's still neat to think about.