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23rd Jul 2008, 16:10
I just posted this thread in a wrong area, i hope I can this other one too.

I have the above mentioned problem: No multiplayer working.
I looked around for answers to the same question (even on TAFN and IGfansite) but couldn't solve it.

Game version: my friend and I have the same game version, but we're both using the NO-CD patch. Otherwise the game will not start without CD inserted.
Do we have to play BOTH of us with the CDs inserted, rather than with a NOCD patch? I will just go buy another copy of this great game RIGHT NOW if that fixes the problem, but I'm not sure, so I'll ask first.

We are on a LAN.
-the button LAN just takes me to a place where i create the multiplayer game, then it enters a menu with the final checkmark not clickable, just the X, and wait forever (and the others in my lan can't see my game I just created.)
-the button INTERNET does nothing, just like above, but at least I see my intranet IP somewhere in that screen.

Both our Windows firewalls have been opened for this game (automatically, by the game itself), but not the router: what are the used port I should port-forward on the router menu?

Someone said I have to specify the IP address (intranet, i guess) to play the game: WHERE?

I cant' wait to play with other humans!!

23rd Jul 2008, 17:31
I have no idea which ports you have to open but I was wondering if any of you have mods installed? You have to be sure that both installations are exactly the same.

23rd Jul 2008, 22:52
I was wondering if any of you have mods installed? You have to be sure that both installations are exactly the same.
They are.
Exactly the same version (no mods) coming exactly from the same CD ripped image.

Do I need to run the game with the original CD in the drive in order to use Multiplayer? Isn't the NOCD patch ok?

24th Jul 2008, 09:43
very important:
I also noticed that executable NO CD patched game file that we're using is ONLY 5,x MB, while the original executable game file was 13,x MB!!!! (but using this one will of course prompt me to insert a CD to play the game)
Do I need NOT to use the nocd patch in order to use multiplayer?

24th Jul 2008, 16:17
Alright, got this from the pdf manual (the paper manual doesn't specify which port to open...):

If you experience problems when configuring your machine as the host of a multiplayer game, check if you are behind a firewall or connecting via a router. You will only be able to host a game if UPnP protocol is enabled on your firewall and router, or if you have manually opened port 6601.

If you meet all of these requirements then I have no clue what is causing your problems. It could very well be possible that the no-cd patch prevents you from playing the game online. So in that case you would have to go out and buy another copy of the game. But I can't guarantee anything.

Btw, have you updated to the latest patch? Also make sure your AV isn't blocking the game. You might also try your luck at http://support.eidosinteractive.com/

24th Jul 2008, 20:46
Thanks... just fixed it... My router was blocking 6601 port, PLUS the 2 versions weren't exactly the same, of the the 2 was upgraded.
Thanks anyways :)