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23rd Jul 2008, 14:44
So which enemies in the games rank among your favourites? Not just the bosses but all the baddies standing in their way; baddies you look forward to facing rather than dreading them.

Crocodiles (various games)
T-Rex (South Pacific)
German Shepherd dogs (Nevada) & Huskies (Antarctica)
Mercenaries (London)
The Last Revelation
Wild dogs
(much as both of those shock me)
And of course Set

23rd Jul 2008, 14:47
Alll Trex's Allll Croc's Allll Prana's

And The Little Cute Rats :) Awww

23rd Jul 2008, 16:58
hard to say t rex i geuss and dogs

23rd Jul 2008, 17:38
Crocodiles (but not when Lara's underwater too ;p), crows from Thames Wharf :D

23rd Jul 2008, 17:47
My favourite enemis are the T-Rex and the mercenaries from TR Legend (they're so stupid and easy to beat that make me want to kill them!)

rabid metro
24th Jul 2008, 04:32
its the "most recent effect" but ...

the raptors and the centaurs from TRA are my current favorites.
talk about hop, skip and jump ...
its takes spot on perfect reflexes to get through a battle with these guys and not get a scratch ...
(... well, with the centaurs I can consistently win using two, or less, small medipacks)

24th Jul 2008, 04:37
Tigers (And other "big" cats). Especially when I'm a brick.