View Full Version : 'PlayStation Now' game-streaming service coming summer 2014

7th Jan 2014, 19:32
Source (http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/7/5284504/sony-playstation-now-gaikai-based-streaming-service-ps-ps2-ps3) <---Click on Link for Info!

Square Enix bring that Legacy of Kain collection to PlayStation Now. ;)

Thank You...

8th Jan 2014, 18:39
Blood Omen 2 please. Best vampire game on consoles to this day. A shame we've seen nothing to rival it since. Skyrim had an excellent vampire mechanic, but it was hardly a vampire sole experience. Hence the cry out of a Blood Omen remake.

9th Feb 2014, 01:52
this is good, but personally find nothing new, because it is now heard in my opinion and BO and SR I've already on PS3 ^ ^
if they had stopped so they would make losses.

21st Feb 2014, 21:29
I love to see Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance on there, since apparently playing SR2 on the PS3 has game-breaking glitches! Would be nice for them to sort that out, although I suspect they won't ...