View Full Version : Any idea on the game's requirements?

19th Jul 2008, 10:34
By my judgement on the videos so far, the game is somehow near C&C 3 game's requirements, even though it looks all sweet but at least the land doesnt have TOO MUCH detail yet at least, and i hope they dont become like the jungles of amazon and so, since that would be quite a big of a resource hog even though they are static objects.

But if anyone else has any idea what would be the basic requirements, do post your ideas.

My speculation: High-rate processor or dual core, Better then Gefore 7000 series or Radeon Saphire 2000 series and maybe 2 GB RAM for Vista at least (recommended) and maybe 1.5 GB for XP..

19th Jul 2008, 10:54
Its way to early to be giving precise requirements. :)

Red October
19th Jul 2008, 12:10
There is a thread already up about system requirments.

28th Sep 2008, 23:05
i have a quad core processor 8600 nvidia geforce 512mb graphics and 4gb of ram

is that good enough to run BSP on max settings? or at least on high

29th Sep 2008, 14:22
Have a look here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=80226) :thumbsup:

30th Sep 2008, 00:09
C&C RA3 looks nice too


except C&C got too carried away so it looks like supreme commander

it looks so weird apart from C&C RA2 which was good

the thing i don't like about C&C RA3 is that it looks kind of MORE science fiction than it did in RA2