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6th Jan 2014, 18:13
This game needs a class limitation, there are people including myself that are just leaving matches mid way because going against a team of 3 Sententials and a Reaver, is just ridiculous.

It's unbalanced no matter what way you spin it, you are picked up, dropped and picked up again before you can even take a step out the way.

I'm tired of unfair gameplay, people leaving matches, and having to leave because I'm against a team of Sentential's, or a team or a team of Reavers are just spamming poor gameplay setup.

6th Jan 2014, 21:21
That's a bad idea.
I'm a player who got stuck on one class per species. And if there is a limitation, someone like me maybe forced to play a class that he/she can't handle.

6th Jan 2014, 22:05
2+ scouts will shut down that comp, provided their aim is on.

Did your team have alchs? I find them a huge liability when there's lots of flyers. Most sentinel blowouts I see are a result of players refusing to switch classes.

7th Jan 2014, 09:04
I can see the point of this but don’t think I’d like it to happen…everyone has the classes they like to play and sometimes its just fluke it works out like that. You’d also have the issue of say someone upgraded their Hunter and they could never play him because someone else had also picked him on the team…then they spent all their real money on this waste.

7th Jan 2014, 11:02
Nice points lucin, I agree it would be nice to avoid class limitations. So far I'd have to say even with 4 sentinals vs 4 alchs you can make it work. You have to play different though and realize your at a disadvantage in the open. Try to find a house to hole up in and the sentinals will have to fly down there and come get you.

7th Jan 2014, 11:21
Agreed – it is possible you just have to change your tactics to suit said situation.

…and if not use some kind logic – keep in mind sometimes players picking the same class by chance with 0 communication from team members – if you’re on a team of 4x one class then when/if you die change out and be someone else. :D

…well that’s what I tend to do – I even played Scout last night and for quite a while *shudders* and it actually kind of made me enjoy my class, there were no Alcs on the team so when I died I changed to that class.

9th Jan 2014, 02:56
This was a very prevalent issue when I was playing yesterday, both as vampires against three-four Alchemists and humans against three-four Sentinels. Even all Hunters is a little too strong if they're clustered indoors and the vampire team has very few aoe options.

On the vampire's side, it certainly doesn't help that Tyrants are exceptionally poor tanks, the obvious charge/slam combo isn't even executable against a single target that has decent aim and sees you coming - you'll be dead first. When I'm playing the class, it's reduced to sneaking in close, slamming and then charging/shielding away to avoid being mowed down by arrows. It's only natural that vampires would gravitate toward Sentinel teams as vampires have a lot of disadvantages to overcome in regular melee combat.

The overall dps is too even or favors humans, which in a way makes sense since vampires have a lot of near-instant gap-closing abilities, but once humans are able to act again after being pounced or stunned, they're very easily outmatched and are usually clustered or near enough to give each other supporting fire. The natural result is repeated hit-and-run, especially with Sentinels since they can escape from their own targets with impunity in many cases.

As for humans, well...what can I say, it's a different game for them, as long as they aren't getting stun chained by kidnap/dive/pounce. It makes complete sense that ranged would stand in a loose group and focus fire when being alone would leave you open to being stunned with impunity, and I don't think that can be changed, just designed around. That said, changes to Scouts/Hunters that would make ground vampires more viable would only exacerbate the problem of Sentinel/Alchemist stacking.

9th Jan 2014, 12:36
Most sentinel blowouts I see are a result of players refusing to switch classes.