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5th Jan 2014, 01:11
hi leute,
ich wollte mal fragen wo denn unsere ganzen alpha tester sind??? o0
ich meine kaum einer spielt das noch und die neulinge verlassen zu schnell
die lobby immer und denn dauert das warten immer länger bis man endlich 8 member sind. wenn das so weiter geht hab ich auch bald keine lust mehr, weil 20-45min zu warten bis wir einen run starten können ist etwas doof, da die server nur 4stunden offen sind.
es ist auch doof von den lv1 das sie die lobby verlassen, nur weil in der lobby lv 20 sitzen, das bringt alles nichts. die letzten 2 tage war es eine katastrophe, wir waren so wenige das wir immer gegen die selben gekämpft hatten oder warten mussten bis die anderen fertig waren, weil wir keine 16 leute waren.

ich weiß ja das nicht jeder zeit hat oder so,aber why meldet man sich denn für das testen an?? ich versteh das nicht und meine freundesliste ist auch tod, alle die nosgoth gespielt haben, spielen nach 3 tagen nicht mehr, das ist echt schade und so wird das game auch nicht fertig, wenn wir keine tester haben. ich hoffe in der close beta wird das besser bzw. am montag


hi people ,
I wanted to ask where are all our alpha testers are ? o0
I mean no one plays the still and the newcomers to leave quickly
the lobby again and because it takes to wait longer and longer until finally 8 are member . if this continues I will soon no longer pleasurable , because at 20 - 45min wait until we can start a run is a bit stupid , because the server only 4hrs are open.
it is also leaving stupid of the lv1 the the lobby , just because sitting in the lobby lv 20 , which brings everything is nothing. the last 2 days , it was a disaster , we were so few that we had always fought against the same , or had to wait until the others were ready, because we were not 16 people .

I know that not everyone has time or so, but why you look for logs for the test on ? I do not understand it and my friend list is also death, all who have played Nosgoth , play after 3 days no more , that's really a shame and so the game will not be ready when we do not have a tester . I hope in the close beta is better or monday

5th Jan 2014, 01:24
If you need a better translation, just let me know ;)

5th Jan 2014, 01:55
"They All left"

5th Jan 2014, 03:47
Many people are still on vacation. Next week should be a bit better.

5th Jan 2014, 04:12
add me on Steam if you wanna play. I'm in winter break, so I can play whenever in the evening.

5th Jan 2014, 05:50
Everyone should join this steam group so there's a larger player pool to fill in missing slots with.


5th Jan 2014, 13:08
Many people are still on vacation. Next week should be a bit better.

Agreed - there have been a lot less players this week... Let's hope next week brings everyone back :D

5th Jan 2014, 16:37
My hypothesis is that people are playing premades and inviting people to fill lobbies, which means the solo players can be left alone pretty frequently. Join NosgothPUG if you want to have a decent pool of players to play with, though certain elements flat refuse to join for whatever reason.

Also it's pretty evident people are rageqquitting from getting stomped so ridiculously hard in their first matches by premades. Especially since a large proportion of players are coming from a candy land of single player button mashing that was the other games in the LoK series.

Rank 1-5 should probably be segregated at release, i.e. cannot join the 5+ matches, so they can learn the game.

Personally I'm breaking from this game, I have all the gear I want unlocked (pending further balance patches) and I'm getting bored. Wont be back until I can see there is either Elo ranking or locked lobbies.

5th Jan 2014, 17:53
Try playing without all your .bin edits.

5th Jan 2014, 17:56

5th Jan 2014, 18:35
If you didn't do things like take leaves off of trees it's might be a bit more challenging for you. Or here, you yourself claimed that hunters were OP. Try using a different class, or new build. Try something new, instead of just what you're good at.

5th Jan 2014, 18:38
das man die lv trennen sollte wäre eine lösung, allerdings wenn man mit freunden spielen möchte, sollte das denno machtbar sein zusammen zu spielen. im moment haben die lv nichts zu bedeuten, das lv zeigt nur den anderen an wie lange er das game schon spielt und nicht ob er gut ist, denn mit lv 20 kannst du auch gegen einen lv5 verlieren. allein auf dein eigenes geschick kommt es an, ob dein team gewinnt oder verliert.


which one should separate the lv would be a solution, but if you want to play with friends, which should denno machtbar to play be together. at the moment have the lv not mean anything, the lv only shows the other how long he is already playing the game and not whether he is good, because with lv 20 you can lose against a LV5. solely on your own cleverest it comes to whether your team wins or loses.

5th Jan 2014, 19:02

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which one should separate the lv would be a solution, but if you want to play with friends, which should denno machtbar to play be together. at the moment have the lv not mean anything, the lv only shows the other how long he is already playing the game and not whether he is good, because with lv 20 you can lose against a LV5. solely on your own cleverest it comes to whether your team wins or loses.
Totally agree. Using the XP or levels is useless, Elo would be better. Devs have said that there will be separate team and solo queues though.

5th Jan 2014, 20:05
Try playing without all your .bin edits.

Wait, all this time that I've been ready to jokingly send out an old-timey "omg hax!" because some people are doing so well at the game, there really is cheating going on?

5th Jan 2014, 20:10
No. I assume he means ini editing. You can find the ini I use here http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=8417

A few Dev responses about ini editing here also http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=8388

I'm taking a zero tolerance policy to ignorant people who continue to claim I cheat because I use the UT3 ini file to maximum potential.

Although if you wanted to get paranoid, this is a UT3 game, therefore there is already cheat software out there that would work. Although the Steam VAC system would more than likely catch it.

6th Jan 2014, 04:23
omg hax!


6th Jan 2014, 13:17
Yup he keeps trying to hide behind his arguments, but yup. While its not as serious as a speed hack or aimbot it does give distinct advantages in a number of in-game scenarios. I like the zero tolerance policy, nice touch. Should of seen em gloat while jest carried them to victory the other day. Not trying to take anything away from Orio plays a very nice tyrant but the stance on fair play is pretty lame.

6th Jan 2014, 22:34
I work with UDK and there aren't any config/console commands players can really cheat with, unless you forget to clamp game values to serverside. There's nothing like oldschool gold Source where players can alter their rates to make themselves hard to hit, or get fullbright maps.

The texturegroup settings can make the game look janky, but as Corey said, they're being clamped to the in-game low setting so leaves don't break.

The tweaks Oro posted are just common perfomance changes you'll find stickied in every unreal engine game forum - Tera, Tribes, UT3, America's Army, Chivlary, Red Orchestra, etc, and on sites like Tweakguides.

Actual cheating would be players wallhacking, speedhacking, and using aimbots.

7th Jan 2014, 00:29
I don't feel inclined to stick around. I want to play the game but not when I have to waste an hour to play a 20 minute match.

7th Jan 2014, 00:49
ich muss sagen auf dem AMERICAN server ist nichts los. da ist auf dem europäischen zum glück mehr los. da ist das warten 5-10min, wenn alle on sind und keiner geht. außerdem kommen in der beta ja noch emehr leute, da gibt es kein warten, es sei denn es gibt wieder spassvögel die ständig gehen weil sie nich in der selben party sind ^^° das ist auch nicht so nett.


I have to say on the AMERICAN server is nothing going on. there is on the European los fortunately more. because the wait is 5-10min if all are on and nobody goes. also come in the beta still emehr people, since there is no waiting, unless there again jokers because they are constantly going in the same party are nich ^ ^ ° which is not so nice.

7th Jan 2014, 07:00
I don't think that anyone can claim with a straight face that using settings that make the game look like this doesn't give them an unfair advantage. My apologies if this is a violation of the no-screenshots rule, but I'm hoping to illustrate how bizarrely different the game looks with the suggested settings. The screenshots are not available anywhere except in this forum post.



Here's the highlight-the-charged-Scout-bow effect that Oroibahazopi mentioned - basically the Scout ends up having a pair of giant glowing squares on the end of their bow once it's charged.


I played one match tonight* with Oroibahazopi's settings (except at 1920x1200), and it was pretty much like I was wearing thermal-imaging goggles. I actually found the weird thermally-imaged claymation look way too unattractive and distracting, so even if I weren't against cheating, I would have turned it off after testing the settings anyway.

If the LOD-clamping code were already implemented, it wouldn't be a problem, but as far as I can tell, the game really is obeying the setting to make all of the textures 1x1 pixel, so the whole game looks like it's been rendered with no textures at all.

* The first one of the night. I went back to my normal settings after that.

7th Jan 2014, 10:55
Lawl thank you blincoln that was a fabulous example of what I mean. So yea there is a way to make this unfair towards other players. My personal favorite is removing the tree leaves. This can be done without going quite as drastic as blincoln showed us above but its pretty bad. Especially if someone is warbowing through a tree and you are a sentinal. Its hard enough to fight a warbow but trying to do that without the cover of trees is even worse. Just one example I'm sure there are others.

7th Jan 2014, 15:41
I don't think that anyone can claim with a straight face that using settings that make the game look like this doesn't give them an unfair advantage.
It's not an unfair advantage since anyone who took the time to change their ini can have the game like this. It's like saying people who don't change their fov to 10 have an unfair advantage over people who do. It's ridiculous and small minded. If you can't take the time to optimise your UI by tweaking the settings then you don't deserve the advantage.

I would also like to point out that quake live, arguably one of the best arena shooters, has actual legit options hidden in the console to change enemy colours. But since you people are on some kind of default settings or you're a cheater tirade that would also be considered cheating too.

Even so as I mentioned in the ini post and echoing what Corey said, yes it's broken. And I look forward to stomping all of you when the LOD values finally get fixed so you can get the notion that the only reason I beat you is because of my "infra-red vision" out of your minds.

7th Jan 2014, 15:54
Ehm, well one thing is to put the settings lower because your pc can´t run it as fast, the other thing is to do it on purpose, like on those screens. You got an obvious advantage, Oroi, as all the players are basically glowing and contrasting with the environment, something only the echo ability does in-game. This certainly should not be allowed and I do not approve of this "tactics".

7th Jan 2014, 16:29
Oh for the love of all good things Oroi ... wow I could write volumes but lets just say I don't think anyone agrees with you, except well you. That usually means you lost the argument. Its unsportsmanlike, face the facts.

7th Jan 2014, 18:45
Ok, let's just put a squash on this conversation before it becomes too out of control.

As Corey mentioned here - http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=8417&p=77030#post77030 - we'll be putting in a clamp so that you're unable to completely remove the textures from the game as is being done here. While some things in the INI will still be allowed to be changed, as is common in UE3-based games, we don't intend to allow anything that gives people an unfair advantage in the game, as this obviously does.

7th Jan 2014, 19:36
There's a patch going to QA shortly that doesn't allow you to lower your texture detail settings below our lowest presets selectable in-game. The problem that we discovered was that setting the values as low as Oro has set them was not planned for in our texture settings and it breaks things, resulting in the images you see above.

7th Jan 2014, 21:32

Just to be clear, I think it would be pretty neat if there were a separate "hacking explicitly allowed" arena of some sort. As a hacker myself, there are all sorts of things that I'd be interested in trying in such a (hypothetical) separate version of the game. I just don't think it's fair when most people are playing by the rules, and other people aren't.

18th Feb 2014, 06:17
ja diese frage könnte ich jetzt zum 2. mal stellen^^
so, da wir endlich mal 24h server on haben, wobei das für manche von uns nichts neues war. bekommen die neulinge den eindruck das niemand das game spielen würde, die meisten vergessen aber das nicht jeder zeit hat, um bestimmte uhrzeiten und das es zeiten gibt da ist wirklich nichts los.
ich würde daher vorschalgen auch wenn das etwas kompliziert klingen mag, wir sollten uns teilweise feste zeiten geben. hier eine kleine liste die aber nicht zu 100% stimmen kann.

EU- zeit
- unsere alten testzeiten, für die alten hasen bekannt^^, sind die meisten online 18 uhr GET zeit. (10-20 member on)
- morgens ab 7uhr-10uhr GET (8-12 member online)
- 12uhr bis 14uhr (2-7 member, oder niemand)

- wochenende ist abends meist etwas los ab 18 uhr, aber morgens da bin ich meist auch da, nach meiner arbeit, bis 10 uhr oder sogar 12 uhr..... bisschen mehr los als unter der woche.

eines muss ich nochmals sagen es liegt nicht an den server, ob es EU-server sind oder NA- server, es liegt an unseren uhrzeiten,da wir international sind.

achja wer das noch nicht mitbekommen hat, es gibt einen Nosgoth gruppe: Nosgoth PUG in steam. dort kann man schön sehen wer gerade im game ist.
der einzige nachteil ist an steam das man sich keine nachrichten schicken kann, ohne befreundet zu sein, mir zb hilft es aber schon allein nur zu schauen ob überhaupt jemand im game ist.

ich hoffe dass das jetzt für die neulinge etwas verständlicher ist, das ständig in der lobby zu sagen und zu übersetzen strengt an xD

LG Ice


yes this question , I could now for the 2 make time ^ ^
so that we finally have on server 24 , which it was for some of us nothing new. get the newcomers the impression that no one would play the game, but most forget that not everyone has time to certain dates on and there are times there is really nothing going on .
I would therefore vorschalgen even if it may sound a bit complicated , we should give us some solid times. Here is a small list but can not agree 100 %.

EU time
- Our old test times, for the old hare known ^ ^ , most comment online 18 clock GET are time . (10-20 member on)
- In the morning from 7am - 10am GET ( 8-12 member online)
- 12am to 14am (2-7 member , or no one )

- Weekend evenings is usually something going on from 18 clock , but in the morning I'm usually there, too , in my work, to 10 or even 12 clock clock ..... bit busier than during the week .

One thing I must say again , it is not due to the server if there are EU or NA server -server , it is up to our What time is because we are international.

oh yeah who has not noticed yet , there is a group Nosgoth : Nosgoth PUG in steam . there you can see who is currently in the beautiful game .
the only disadvantage is to steam that you can not send messages without being friends , for example, it helps me but if only just to look if anyone is in the game .

I hope that this is now something for the newbies to understand that constantly say in the lobby and hard to translate xD