View Full Version : Hitman: Blood Money BSOD

13th Jul 2008, 19:39

I just bought new graphics card: Gigabyte ATi HD4870 512GDDR5.
I am using Beta 8.7 Catalyst drivers.

CPU: Intel e2140
Memory: 2x1Gb DDR2
GPU: HD4870

I have patched to 1.2 version of game. When I start game, and reach to main menu or even first screen, where i can choose profile ect.. i getting BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) after few seconds. I'v got different BSOD errors tho. 2 times i'v got atikvmag.dll error, 2 times memory dump and one time realtekHD.dll error or sth.
I'm not sure whats would be problem but.. i think it's video, but not sure. I should have latest or almost latest realtekHD soundcard drivers. So.. i'f anyone have something similar.. or maybe some one can try run game with latest ATi HD48xx series graphic card...
Ah.. both GPU and CPU temp are normal, i can even run crysis, cod4 ect.. so i don't think there is prob with overheating or sth.

Thank you for your support.