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13th Jul 2008, 17:09
In English:

I see that they have not given anything on Publisher of levels for the new TR. I hope that there are something for PS3 since it has hard disk, good or for PC, it gives equal, at least that exists like the publisher of levels of Unreal that is used for PC and PS3 and it you can keep in a memory card and everything. If they know some information that at least nonencounter so far says, it in this subject. Greetings.

In Spanish:

Veo que no han dado nada sobre Editor de niveles apra los TR nuevos. Espero que hayan algo para PS3 ya que tiene disco duro, bueno o para PC, da igual, al menos que exista como el editor de niveles de Unreal que sirve para PC y PS3 y lo puedes guardar en una tarjeta de memoria y todo.

Si saben alguna informaciĆ³n que al menos no encuentro por ahora, lo dicen en este tema.