View Full Version : (For fun) Deus Ex 3 Conspiracy

8th Jul 2008, 22:37
How many of you think that Deus Ex should have a conspiracy.

...a conspiracy of THE URINAL DUECE!


(Go to *SEASON 10* and then click on Mystery of the Urinal Deuce)

My favorite parody of conspiracy theories yet :D

This thread is just for fun and I wanted to make it for the Deus Ex 3 community to share our love of conspiracy (most of us at least) :P

*WARNING: Even though Deus Ex is rated M I dont know of any young players, and this video contains pretty gross humor, relating to erections and poop*

8th Jul 2008, 22:46
LOL and you want to see the Deus sex vid :P :rasp:

8th Jul 2008, 22:49
Where is said Deus Sex? ;)