View Full Version : odd question about thief

8th Jul 2008, 00:32
for some reson i can play all other games with no problum, but when i play thief deadly shadows. my eyes feel really strained and then they get heavy. to prevent this from happoning i need to play the game with sunglasses. dose any know why

7th Sep 2008, 16:44
Heavy eyes usually indicate a need for sleep. :D

Are you squinting too much? Have you tried increasing the brightness a bit? Sometimes I put my face closer to the monitor when I'm in a dark area because it's hard to see, but I don't want to make everything too bright 'cause that kind of takes away from the game.

You should also have some other light source in the room where you're playing; staring at a monitor in the dark for long periods of time doesn't help. Look elsewhere now and then, off in the distance, blink, close your eyes for a few seconds, give your eyes something to do besides stare at the same focal point all the time.