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7th Jul 2008, 17:42
Just something i randomly typed in my address bar it kinda sets up what they think. Does anyone know of a Xp theme fot Deus ex 12, or 3. like a new login screen desktop look icons and such?

7th Jul 2008, 18:07
There's a thread about wallpapers and stuff.

7th Jul 2008, 22:20
There is a message in the page source.

"RENE: I have been sipping my life away in cafes. I am going to plant my feet on the
earth, hold a rifle to my chest, and dare any man to move me.

So i registered this domain on a whim and now i'm bored with it. What should i do with it? I dont want to make a DX fansite. Email me: manderley@unatco.org"

8th Jul 2008, 03:42

Must be someone so impossibly good-looking and talented to have registered that domain. Someone... who if he did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him...


8th Jul 2008, 05:13
Back when Deus Ex came out there was a unatco.com or unatco.org that was rather odd. It was a blank page that required a password to enter, and it would automatically scan your floppy disc for data. It was up for several months at least. I had completely forgotten about this until now.

Love this site's final quote, btw.