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7th Jul 2008, 09:24
Once again I'm following some advice and now from RG.
The following is the summary:

A Lara Croft relative as a villain maybe Errol Croft. Family feud on a global Tomb Raider scale. Possibly being responsible for sabotaging Lara's and her mothers plane at the beginning of legend likewise killing Lord Richard Croft while he searched for his wife and daughter. To inherit the Croft's Estate and title of Count. Perhaps a trinket in the Crofts Manor an Artifact of great importance to the beginning and future of humanity. I,e leading to the location of the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Which is Adam and Eve first temptation. Lara is also intrigued. Lets things play out to find out most pagan gods were mortals at one time who became immortal once eating the forbidden fruit/nectar/ ambrosia.

The Story Starts here:

Story begins in the past circa 2450bce with a Anatolian man making his yearly pilgrimage south to Akkad with his wife, he decides to camp on a fertile valley unbeknown to him is the ancient mythical Garden of Eden. He gathers kindling for the fire where he leans on the Tree of Life. Behind him is a snake hanging from a branch which sinks his fangs into the unsuspecting man. Man freaks out get his walking stick and flings it at the snake sending it hurdling away. Man falls to the ground poisoned slowly losing his hold on reality. Near death wind blows a fruit loose and it falls on the mans snake bite. Healing him miraculously, he figures out the fruits healing potential and takes a few for the road. Eats one and becomes immortal godlike, he shares with his wife she too becomes a goddess. He takes on a new name Uranus. Scene then changes to Ms. Croft high up atop the acropolis reading an inscription when she is interrupted by a man in a suit and tie hands her a court summons. Her uncle Errol Croft is challenging her claim to her title of Countess. She heads for an airstrip and boards a plane when

Continuing from the plane...

While she waits for the crew to finish inspections, a British agent makes his way to Ms. Croft's plane. He spots someone familiar within the crew, but continues on. He boards the plane to find Lara deep in thought wearing a stunning outfit, he introduces himself as Agent D and tells her she must exit the plane, Lara ignores him and a tells him she has no time for solicitors. Pilots start engines and get the OK for take off. Agent D has no choice but to tag along, Ms. Croft gives him a warning. Agent D tells her that she is in danger and he has been assigned to protect her, he has a safe plane waiting in the adjacent runway. A crewman Shuts the entrance and Plane moves. Conversation continues and he tells Ms. Croft she has a secret admirer who wants her dead, a real scoundrel, Big time villain they've been tracking for years (an elusive character as of yet not Errol). She tells him thats always the case and that this news is nothing new and she can take care of herself. Plane takes flight and Lara tells Agent D to have a drink on her. Lara looks Agent D over and likes what she sees, James Bond/ Same Fisher/Austin Power(psych) not Austin Powers/ Rutland all rolled into one. Plane flies over Croatia when the Co-pilot take a pistol with a silencer and takes the Pilot out. Puts on a Parachute he sneaked on board and sabotages the instrument panel, plus another saboteur on the ground stuck a bomb to the landing gear. This dirt bag really wants Ms. Croft to have a bumpy ride. Co pilot dude makes his way back to the cabin where Agent D and our heroine are opens the exit and jumps off. Plane goes out of control at this point, Agent D heads for the cockpit and finds pilot dead, tries flying the plane but controls don't work, meanwhile Ms. Croft is calm and sees Co pilot free falling down to earth. Ms. Croft is always prepared and has a parachute in a hidden compartment, but only has one. Agent D shows signs of desperation and tries to come up with ideas. Lara straps the chute on him cradles him and both jump off. Just then Co-pilot dude pushes button triggers the bomb and the plane is shrapnel. Co-pilot dude pulls the cord on his chute. Agent D does so as well. Lara Croft sees co-pilot and figures she can catch him, lets go of D and free falls towards co-pilot dude. Bad guy is calm and doesn't see our hero coming. Agent D is freaked and trails them. Our heroine zeros in and nabs him from behind, a battle ensues and Croft gets him in a choke hold. Nearing a Mountain top Co-pilot dude releases the chute and Lara is pulled off, the chute collapses and she now plummets, co- pilot now thinks she's done for and pulls the second chute to safety. Agent D releases primary chute and dives for our heroine just in time D grabs her hand he pulls the second chute cord and saves her from an untimely death. Lara clings to his broad shoulders and both gaze at one another in a romantic scene. Lara snaps out of it and jumps to the snow below as soon as its just within reach. Agent D gives her an I told you so look... To be Continued:cool:

I was thinking it would be cool if a player could have control as soon as she left Agent D's arms but that would require a steady hand and button pressing. So I think player control should come once on the ground/snow. Once grounded the player must explore the mountain and somehow make his way to Co-pilot dude. One done so game inters another cut scene helicopter comes to pick up Co-pilot dude creating a snow cloud which Lara and D use as cover to take Co pilot and the helicopter crew out. The crew over takes them and are Croft and D are captured. They are blindfolded and held in an bunker. Lara awakens blindfolded and D is breaking loose. He leaves for the moment and promises to comeback with help. D makes his way out of the facility and makes contact with his fellow agents. D is discovered and a fight breaks out, D holds them off until help arrives British special forces arrive and establish a perimeter. Bad guys figure out D's out and wonders where Croft is, they make they're way to where Lara and D where held. D and small group try to beat them to it, both teams make it to the chair Lara was tied to and find Lara's gone. Dumbfounded they hear a Lara's voice out side and she plows through both teams and steals a chopper. Blows both teams of men a good bye kiss and she's gone. D and the leader of the bad guys are stupefied, Both teams fall withdraw the attack. Upon arriving home Lara has Zip and Alister research a agent named D and lookup a data base of interpol most wanted list hoping she might find her Co-pilot. Lara goes to court and defends her title and her fathers estate. Errol was absent and was represented by his Son(still working on the Name). He seemed particularly interested in a Castle Once own by Richard Croft past down by his Grandfather. Lara uses the castle to hone her skills on occasion but thought she had explored it top to bottom. Nothing interesting was ever found. Just then she has a flashback of her first visit said castle with her father years past. In it her father met Errol to discuss something, She and her cousin (Errol's son) were at play, her father yells, "Be Careful every time she goes out of sight. Her cousin had a knack for getting her into troubled situations. Reaching the the bottom of some stairs her cousin triggers a trap door and falls in Lara goes after him. They reach an old dungeon underneath the castle........

I'll stop it here for now cause theres so much of it And please excuse my spelling errors

12th Jul 2008, 19:20
hmm. Intersting. Spelling errors are excused....:D

12th Jul 2008, 19:22
hmm. Intersting. Spelling errors are excused....:D
:lol: Thanx.

13th Jul 2008, 03:19
Continuing from when they fell into the trap door.
Young Lara finds her self in a very and I mean Very dark place. No light at all. Her eyes dilate and she is able to barely see, she hears her cousin coughing... She calls out to him through the darkness he answers back... She hears a mans voice saying, "Lara" and she finds herself back in the courtroom.. The judge rules in her favor, but she feels she's driven a bigger rift between her relatives. Alister asks Lara if she's alright. She answers, "Yes" they head back to Croft Manor.. Lara rummages through the Estate looking for a clue to what her Uncle seeks there. She eventually finds something, documents pertaining to that castle and her earliest ancestor living there, and his rise to power in Britain. They are references to something by the name of the 3rd key. She tells Winston to schedule a meeting with the caretaker of the castle and she'll meet them there. ..

Lara Croft gears up and heads for the castle. She arrives at a cottage south of the castle and treks the rest of the way there. The castle is visible at a distance and get closer with every step. Once there Winston and the caretaker a Mr. Smithson is at the castle's entrance to meet her. Ms. Croft asks him if he knew if the artifact known as the 3rd key was ever held in its walls. Mr. Smithson replies he never heard of it. Mr. Smithson welcomes our heroine to the grounds and is free to look about. With that she explores the castle's interior and heads for the stairs where her cousin triggered the trap door. Once triggered we jump in the door closing behind her. Her own personal light source allow her to see what she traversed blindly. The place is dark even with the aid of a light, thicken with spiderwebs, crawling with all the critters you'd expect down there. Spiders, rats, millipedes, and worms and roaches. She explores the corridors and rooms, we find a dungeon with prisoners still captive(serving a 500 year sentence), now only their bones remain. We also find an armory in which swords, bows, arrow, spears plenty enough to stage a small war. In this armory Ms. Croft adds a crossbow and dagger to our arsenal. The place looks like people abandoned the place in a hurry. Our search leads us to a chasm with a cannon at its edge, on the other side is what looks like a cave-in. Boulders block a door behind the debris, with no apparent way to cross. A cannon ball sits on the floor beside the cannon(its a clue) we backtrack toward the rooms looking for any artillery components. We find some gunpowder and wadding, in our search, just then a noise startles Lara. Quick to draw her pistols she pinpoints its source, to be around a corner. The sound gets louder, when its near she jumps to face it. It is Agent D, puzzling, Ms. Croft asks him what his purpose is, and how did he know of this place. Agent D tells her, he researched files and manuscripts on the Crofts and said castle amongst others, when asked to take on this assignment. Ms. Croft doesn't seem convinced, she figures she could use him and his knowledge to her advantage in the meantime. She loads the cannon, Agent D helps with that and aiming. They fire the cannon and blast the debris and the door open simultaneously cracking the sides of the walls allowing them to shimmy across to the other end. In the next room they are met with ice, beneath them is a frozen pool, and in it is a dragon frozen in hibernation. They are careful not to crack the pool and walk across to the other end. They enter a much smaller room with pools of water that are somehow link to the frozen one. Ms. Croft reads the inscriptions on the walls in order to solve it. Which she does, underneath a fountain is a trident. Lara removes it after which the pools drain and the ice starts melting. The dragon turns red and heats up, the water begins to evaporate creating steam. Lara and agent D figure its time to go as the room starts shaking. Blocking their escape is a red flaming winged Dragon. Flames cover the beast head to tail. Agent D and Ms. Croft open fire, a battle takes place. This dragon is formidable not only is he Huge but fast and agile. With no room to fly it runs up and down the walls and ceiling making him a difficult target. He clings to the ceiling or walls when he is about to fire his lungful of flames at us. He claws us and whips us with his tail. After we are able to bring him down once and get a false sense of security he rises yet again for round two. Just when it seems like a losing battle our hero gets clever and decides to read the inscription on the trident. unlocking its powers of water, ice, and earthquakes. Water begins to flow out from the trident, soon becoming a torrent. She puts out the dragons flames, but the dragon is still a fighting beast. He's even faster and stronger, like a cornered lion. Lara masters the tridents freezing ability and uses it to bind it. The Dragon is unable to move, then the ceiling is blown away by explosives. The first major Villain makes his appearance with a bang. Goons zip down and corner them. The villain makes his demand, hand over the trident or the hostages get it, Winston and Mr. Smithson are captive. Lara agrees in exchange for the hostages, a goon steps in to take the trident. Lara looks like she means it, however the Dragon sees things a little different. He breaks free and whips the trident into the air. The villain snatches it with a weird weapon, and retreats at this point taking the hostages with him. Lara and Agent D fight the multiple enemies heading for their zip lines to climb out. Goons are taken out and the dragon gives chase after our heroes. reaching the top they race away. Lara sees explosive that didn't explode and the trigger laying on the ground she quickly triggers the last bomb and buries the dragon in stones. Agent D offers his assistance in aiding to rescue the hostages. She holds a pistol to his head....

Lara can't help but feel used. Our heroine is in a foul mood and suspects D had something to do with all thats happened. She attempts to interrogate D. A helicopter hovers near them and D's men rush to his aid. They point their guns at her. Agent D tells them to stand down, he then tells Lara he is a member of MI5 assigned to protect her. A week prior to his assignment GCHQ and Interpol intercepted a communication between a man with several aliases, believed to be Sylvan Alexandros, came in contact with an unknown individual within the U.K. Key words like the 3rd key raised many eyebrows among the European members of Interpol. He tells her about her ancestor finding a lost manuscript of Aristotle sometime during the first crusade. Her ancestor believed it lead to the Garden of Eden, though he never found it. A few centuries later down the Croft lineage another Croft used the manuscript and found the 3rd key. It was kept within the castle, it was abandoned by his grandson later. D tells Lara there is still time to save Winston and Mr. Smithson. Lara holsters her guns, D tells her to board the helicopter. She asked where Alexandros was headed. D's men tracked them boarding a cruise ship en route for France for renovation. They believe the ship is really his private means of escape. Lara and agent D are escorted to a submarine and trail the cruise liner. The plan is D and Lara sneak aboard rescue the hostages and retrieve the trident. They wear scuba gear and pack a few essentials. The sub surfaces at a distance and they exit via the conning tower, they hold on for dear life as the sub accelerates and dives just under the cruise liner. Ms. Croft and D let go and stealthily climb on board. They get rid themselves of the scuba gear and diving suit. They deliver a one two punch and take out the mercs. D changes into Merc clothing Lara states its not her color. They separate we could be Agent D or Lara and chose our path to the front of the ship. Lara takes the exterior of the ship climbing out of the port holes and jumping from one to the next. Agent D sneaks past them through the ships interior. D reaches the Alexandros first, taking aim Alexandros turns to D and tells him Winston and Mr. Smithson have been tied to the ships anchor. Should he fire his men will.....