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6th Jul 2008, 16:36
Hi again everyone,

I don't find an editor for this game, does anyone know how to unarchive this game? I've had this game for a while but haven't done much with it because I've been waiting a tool.

What I have done is downloaded a saved game and used that to mess with the game parameters in memory. I have a couple saved games with manipulated weapons and ammo. For instance in the first set of saves you can see there are a lot of special moves, guns, ammo, and rewinds. The second set of saved games is actually the first set but has a saved game where the El Mariachi and Pinata Boom boom are standard weapons. I do have a saved game with the golden gun working also but not posted.
Most of the challenges are done but can be done again and most of the bonuses are available to get again in the second set.
I can teleport my character by manipulating the coordinates but since this game only saves at specific areas I can't get a saved game off the map. I have teleported my character past the map loaders to unloaded areas and in building and places not meant to go (yet). For instance I teleported the dad in the games beginning to the other side of the river and investigated the whole area to the train. I'll work on getting screenshots up and maybe a video or 2.