View Full Version : FFXIV: Syncing Equipment Sets and Action Bars between 2 Computers

3rd Jan 2014, 08:44

I´m travelling pretty often and then I´m signing in from different locations.
Unfortunately the changes I made from my desktop (equipment sets and new spells for instance) are not synced.

Is there a way to do that?

Another thing i noticed: Always when i log in from a new location i have to change my password ...
I understand that this is for security reasons but i purchased the limited edition and there is a digital key generator.
can someone please explain to me where i can activate that and how the login process works with this keygen?

Thank you for your support!



3rd Jan 2014, 09:17
By 'keygen' I gather you mean the Square-Enix security token? If so then you log into the SE account management website and register it to your account (IMPORTANT: make a note of the emergency token removal code), then when you go to log in press the button to generate your 'one-time password' and use this along with your normal ID and password.

3rd Jan 2014, 09:18
As for the equipment sets I'm not sure on this. I know there is an issue when transferring between the PS3 version and the PC where the hotbars need to be setup again.

9th Jan 2014, 09:46
Just a little update on equipment sets for you, my wife's PS3 just died so she logged into her account on my PS3. All her progress and items etc where there but all her gear sets, hotbars and HUD settings were gone. I managed to recover her config data from the other PS3 and copied it over to mine and everything worked fine.

So I would assume there's a config file on the PC which could possibly be copied to a 2nd PC so you wouldn't have to keep setting up your set and options every time you change PC's. Just copy the file over every time you swap :)