View Full Version : Problem with Provance Map

3rd Jan 2014, 04:34
Hey, this is the first issue I've posted so forgive me if it's not that clear.

On the Provance map I see a number of white, box shaped gaps in the background at the borderline of the map. It occurred days before the holiday break but none of the other players in the games saw it so I thought it must be on my end. Everything on my computer checks out as far as I can see but these gaps are still happening and only on this map.
I was wondering if anyone else was seeing this so I can really say for certain that its not me or so I know that it really is on me so I can focus on fixing it.

Thank You

3rd Jan 2014, 10:00
Sounds a bit strange - are there any landmarks you could possibly point out that this is near? Or is it the entire edge of the map - as in all the way around? :D

4th Jan 2014, 03:16
there are about a dozen of these patches, some are in the sky and others are in the backdrop beyond the border of the map, and only on this map

4th Jan 2014, 03:19
SS it, sometimes these pop up from a resolution thing too...

4th Jan 2014, 04:08
what sort of graphics hardware do you have? Have you tried lowering and/or raising the graphics settings? My understanding is that that map is not as refined as the other ones yet, so there may be parts of it that don't work well with some hardware.

4th Jan 2014, 22:52
I have the same issues, I've screenshotted. I'll send it by email soon :)

6th Jan 2014, 17:10
sweet, sorry you got this problem but thanks for letting me know its not just me

12th Jan 2014, 13:05
I have the same issue on my GV-R697D5. I think they are supposed to be fire effects, only played 2-3 times on that map so I'm not sure.

Edit: The issues are gone.