View Full Version : Paradigm Shift suggestions for XVI

3rd Jan 2014, 01:59
Yes, I said xvi as xv already has a system.

My idea is to have 2 a.i. and 1 battle leader that is controllable that is not part of the paradigm. For example, if Cerebus is 2 commandos, your AI will be 2 commandos. However, the leader can select an action such as attack, heal or haste others, deshell, spell, and TRANCE ( if your atb is at 7) or change party member paradigm (ie...to tri-disaster). Also when you enter a battle you can use your playstation move IF you want to AUTO-battle or AUTO-SPELL(but user defined spell). If you want to heal you will have to use the Dualshock. Hence, I have a new idea. The Move will be velcroed like an arm band around your hand and the dualshock will come with a lanyard around your neck encouraging stand up playing. The move will also be voice activated so you can say Firaga! If you do get a trance you will get your enemy staggered and 20% enemy hp points gone. And if you die in battle but purchased a Phoenix Down, an A.I. will revive you if you assigned one to an A.I. character. If you did not assign one and you die, you can choose which a.i you want to be with 100% control. If you choose to revive your dead character your battle leader will default to the original leader unless you go back to the home menu and select new battle leader.. If all you die, its game over as it should be. However, the AI will save info automatically after each boss fight completed or if you visited an inn at a village it will auto-save.

Everything will be in real time except you are given 4 seconds to choose your action. If the computer attacks you first it will say: "flan attacks. Lead time nullified." If you do get 4 seconds the message will say:warning (in red). Some XIII battles are unfair. You enter a battle and you get "gored" right with no lead time.

Again. These are just ideas. Its a mix between gambit system meets paradigm.