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1st Jul 2008, 08:47
Well it's been at the very least, 2 months of flaming and cursing and fighting and overall lawlessness, however it appears as if a moderator has taken notice and decided to take action! from the comfort of a glaring computer screen in their bedroom none the less! I commend thee on a job well done. (and yes, this is extremely sardonic in case you haven't the adroit to see that.)

That being said, I would just like to reiterate that not only do I not have any faith in eidos's ability to reproduce the level of quality found in Deus Ex for Deus Ex 3, but apparently they don't even have the ability to maintain a proper and conducive gaming forum adherent to their own rules.

I am fully expecting this thread to be locked or even deleted however I feel that such an action would only prove an inability to maintain a forum to uphold the laws and guidelines posted by eidos grand central, and the inability to cope with criticism which I suppose is why they have disdainful reviewers fired after heavy promotion of their own recrement...oh well.

One could only hope for eidos and their lackeys to prove me wrong. =/

1st Jul 2008, 08:54
So it is our fault that you can not behave properly? :scratch: