View Full Version : [FFXI] You know, I'm pretty sure this is just straight-up racism at this point.

31st Dec 2013, 19:46
So I was reading the post on PlayOnline about the new NPCs being added to the Trust system for the New Years Event, and found that, with the new additions, the race count now tallies at:
this brings the race count up to…

Hume: 6
Elvaan: 4
Tarutaru: 3
Mithra: 2
Galka: 1 (for whom you have to pay)

Now, in the world of Vana'diel, I am a galka. I am proud to be a galka, and I am proud of my brothers. But do you who I am decidedly not proud of? You, Square Enix, and the way you have been marginalizing my people for the past 11 years. First we lose our homeland to a bunch of giant ants, then we are effectively enslaved by the humes, then we lose our beloved Talekeeper to the machinations of a couple of Aryan jerks trying to rip off Final Fantasy IV! Oh, but it doesn't end there; the major NPCs introduced in each of the expansions? None of them are galka. Yes. you may have hidden it well enough before now, but it seems that the majority of the FFXI development team are elvaan because your arrogance finally got the best of you.

Speaking of racial vices, I assume you know that of my brethren? And unless you want to be on the receiving end of a whole lot of it, I suggest you start fixing this sooner rather than later. Now it won't be easy; Altana knows this has been going on so long that there's no one thing you could do to rectify the situation. But I will tell you what would be a good start: the next batch of Trust NPCs? All galka, if you please. And a galka-centric story add-on wouldn't go amiss.

...Happy new year, by the way.