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22nd Jun 2008, 18:57
Hi everyone !

Me & friend tried to play commandos online.
I open all the internet ports and we installed gamespy ( Much easier ! )
He can join my game and when we go in-game
you need to select your soldier for Training Camp 1
I (host) can select my soldier but my friend can't select anything.
on mouseover the soldiers light up , but nothing more , nothing less.
We also tried the chat , but he can't see my and I can't see him when we chat.
Can anyone help us ?

Thanks a lot !


22nd Jun 2008, 21:03
Are you both using the same version of the game?

23rd Jun 2008, 06:42
Yes we both buyed the same game and updated with the 1.2 patch.

and I can see him in my game and he can see me.
I'm red , he's green

but I'm the only one that an select a soldier or 2
and chat does not work :(

15th Dec 2009, 23:08
how to open ports,