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22nd Jun 2008, 18:07
Hey this is my first topic so ur gonna have to bear with me on a few things. Anyway i got the game about 2 days ago and loaded it just fine. I go to play the the first level inpact i believe it is called. After the cut scene i hit exscape to fix my mouse sensativedy and a did so to close it. Thats when it froze my whole cpu up (it did this on the demo to) there was no shuting down the program i had to reboot my cpu. So i came to this fourm to get a patch or somthin to fix it with. it was the microsoft live distrubution thing spouse to fix crashes so i loaded it. after doing so i went to start the game it acts as tho its loaded but before any graphics display comes up it says that microsoft has encontered a error and must shutdown the program. I have reinstalled the game multi time with and without the Live patch thing but it still comes up. I would greatly appreceate any help with this. Heres the patch thing i loaded http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...02.0241.00.msi