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21st Jun 2008, 02:50
I have a big problem and I can't figure it out. I started a new project, created a wad, edited the script and english files and converted them to dat files. That worked fine but when I output a wad and go to the level, all inventory items are named wrong. I.e. pistols are shotgun, binoculars are flares, etc. I've been over the scripts a dozen times, I've redone the wad 3 times, even eliminating everything except Lara and the basic things (no puzzles, traps, etc.). I even tried renaming one of the original wads to my level and it still shows weird inventory items.So that seems to suggest script problems but I can't find it. I've even taken all puzzles items out of the script and tried that but to no avail. Can someone tell me where to look for the problem? Script files or wad files? I'm at a loss. The original levels that came with LE work fine with their scripts so I don't think the program is corrupt but something sure is. Thanks for any help.:mad2:

21st Jun 2008, 06:04
Hi Brenda, have you tried rebuilding from a fresh script? If a fresh script works, rebuild it one point at a time and test. As you make each successful change and test it, make a backup. Then make your next change.

By the way, which editor are you using? If you're using the TRNG then you must make your changes using the NG Scripter.

If this is your first level, we have a Baptism of Fire 3 project kicking off on July 1.

21st Jun 2008, 06:16
Remember to NEVER add or delete lines in english.txt. Always type over an unused line.

21st Jun 2008, 13:40
Thanks for replying Geoge & aktrekker.

George, yes I've tried rebuilding the script having nothing but the level name, horizon, load camera and data lines in it and it still messes up, I'm using the original LE. I've built other levels ( only released one) and this is the first time I've run into this. Maybe I'll just dump this one and try something else. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the scripts right. I've never had this problem before. Anyway, thanks for the invitation to Baptism of Fire 3 but I'm not a first time builder.

Thanks for trying to help.I worked on this another 2 hours after I posted this last night so I think it's just time to do something else and chalk this up to one of LE's quirks or mine!:nut:

21st Jun 2008, 15:35
Don't give up Brenda, it could be the English text rather than the Script text. If you let me know everything you want in your script, I'd be happy to build a script for you. All I need is the level names and items.

23rd Jun 2008, 09:27
Hi BrendaG,

You said that "pistols are shotgun, binoculars are flares, etc" and that sounds indeed like a problem in English.txt and not Script.txt. If you add a line there for example, all item names could get "shifted" like that.

Take the original English.txt from the attachment to this post and re-build your .DAT files.

Important: check afterwards if English.dat has a modified date of a few seconds ago (right-click and select properties in Windows) because it could also be the problem that the .DAT files are not being updated properly due to Core's not working "English Script.bat" batchfile!!!

Now if everything is correct, you know you have to REPLACE the lines in English.txt with the texts from your level.

23rd Jun 2008, 23:42
Thanks Driber but I tried using original script and english texts and it didn't help. tried again using your attachments too. I know to only replace lines in english text and never delete or add lines but it's not working. It was compiling both script and english dat files but now it won't make the english.dat file. I checked and rechecked my spelling, placements, etc. It has me stumped.

George, sorry it took me so long answer. I had family stuff going on this weekend. What I'm thinking about using is the hand puzzle with the orbs by karlo002 named Bronze Orb,
Silver Orb, Gold Orb. I would also like to use the ocular puzzle by Miss Kroft and call it Temple Eye (and pieces of course). I also would like to have the Golden Mask by TR Tim as Quest Item 1. That's it for now. If you can get that much working for me, maybe I can take it from there.

One more question. I'm trying to use the Desert2 outfit by Golden Dawn. In game it looks fine but in the preview window, Lara shows up as just parts. The deformed version that is usually there with the original outfit is now just little pieces. It's not really a problem unless you're trying to move Lara. Could this have anything to do with it? I'm sure I copied ALL parts of the desert2 wad. (3 times already thinking the wad was the problem).

Thanks again, George. You saved me on the level I released with the fog problem. You're the greatest. Oooops forgot to tell you the name of the level will be Temple of the Mask.

24th Jun 2008, 07:20
It was compiling both script and english dat files but now it won't make the english.dat file.

that's odd. what exactly happens, do you see any error messages when trying to compile the script files?

(if the screen just flashes by in a split second, edit the batchfile and add the line "pause" at the end without the quotes)

24th Jun 2008, 07:45
I'm just heading out the door and will be back in a few hours so will build you a script then.

24th Jun 2008, 13:35
Hi George. Thanks so much. I don't know how to edit the batch file so I'll just wait on you whenever you have the time. I'm in no hurry.

I have noticed 2 text files that appear in the main trle folder that I've never seen before. One is titled "error" and it says
PHASE I : Bad door clearance - PASSED
PHASE II : Bad floor clearance - PASSED
PHASE III : Bad object clearance - PASSED

And also one titled "tom" and it says
nmeshes: 0

Does that mean anything?

24th Jun 2008, 14:31
I think you may have George and me confused a bit there ;)

No, those textfiles are from exporting the .TOM file and/or the level converter. It has nothing to do with the compiling of the script files.

Editing the bathfile is rather easy, just right-click on "English Script" and select "Edit" :D

This should open the file in notepad and it says something like this:

script script.txt
del ..\*.dat
copy script.dat ..\
copy english.dat ..\
del strings.h

Now just add another line at the bottom with the word "pause", so it'll look like this:

script script.txt
del ..\*.dat
copy script.dat ..\
copy english.dat ..\
del strings.h

Then go to File > Save and close notepad.

Now you will be able to see error messages, if there are any.

24th Jun 2008, 14:55
Hi Brenda, I'll need a bit more info. Which puzzle slots are the Bronze, Silver and Gold Orbs in? Also which puzzle slot does the Ocular puzzle by Miss Kroft go into in your WAD? And what is your TOM file saved as so I can adjust the levelinfo info in the script? :)

24th Jun 2008, 18:53
Hi Driber, so sorry I confused you guys. Okay, I opened the batch file but it doesn't read the same as yours. Mine says:
script script.txt
copy script.dat ..\
copy english.dat ..\
del script.dat
del english.dat
del strings.h

Does that matter? It looks like it says to copy the dat files and then delete them? I've never edited this before so I know it's nothing I did.
Here's what it says after adding pause:
SCRIPT v0.10a
Converting SCRIPT.TXT
ERROR : "Bronze Orb" not found in strings
C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script>copy script.dat ..\
1 file(s) copied.

C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script>copy english.dat ..\
The system cannot find the file specified.

C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script>del script.dat

C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script>del english.dat ..\
Could Not Find C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script\english.dat

C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script>del strings.h
Could Not Find C:\TRBUIL~\LEVELE~1\Script\strings.h

Press any key to continue . . .

Just a note...at one point I had the strings.h file and edited it just like the english txt with the underscores and commas, etc. and putting the puzzle items in the same places as the english txt too, but it still didn't work. I even tried easylife.

Hi George. The orbs go into Puzzle slots 1-3 and the ocular puzzle is in Puzzle slot 5 with the pieces in 5,1 and 5,2 combos. Miss Kroft did provide the strings for this puzzle. They are:
Puzzle= 5,Smaragd Ocular, $0008,$0600,$8000,$f000,$0000,$0002
PuzzleCombo= 5,1,Ocular Part1, $0002,$0500,$4000,$1000,$0000,$000a
PuzzleCombo= 5,2,Ocular Part2, $0016,$0400,$8000,$0000,$0000,$0002

Renamed to Temple Eye and Eye Piece Part 1 & 2

My wad is just temple (original huh?:rolleyes: ) Also I need Horizon enabled and the Layer is 160, 160, 192, 7.

Thank you both so much. This sure is a learning experience.

24th Jun 2008, 20:04
Hi Brenda

Okay, these scripts load a temple.tr4 data file for me (standard editor data file renamed) without any crashing. Obviously there is nothing to pick up so you will have to test the scripts in game to make sure they display properly.

Kitkat used Miss Krofts Ocular puzzle in The Skribblerz Stones 2 project so I've used those scripts as the object looks better in the inventory.

Try these out and let's see where we are.


24th Jun 2008, 21:55
George, they work great. Thank you so much. I still don't see what I did wrong. You did put them in different place in the english text. Maybe that was it. Only one more thing. The Golden Mask shows up as Amulet of Horus. I assume because I put it in the Quest Item 1 slot. Should I try to rename it in the english text or leave it alone?

I have to leave for the evening but I'll check back in the morning. Thanks again.

25th Jun 2008, 06:17
Check above in your previous post. There was an error converting the script. It said Bronze Orb not found in strings. Looks like you either missed an object or did not type it EXACTLY the same in script and english.

25th Jun 2008, 06:50
Hi Brenda, great that they're working. Before you go any further, make a BACKUP. Always, always, always keep backups of working scripts, as well as your maps, WADS and texture set of course (and even your samples folder). With working backups of Scripts you can mess around to your hearts content without worrying about it. If it messes up you just start again with your working scripts.

I usually put pickups in an unused puzzle item slot. The Skribblerz Stone for example is in the puzzle 12 slot. You could try finding the Amulet of Horus line in the English text and changing it to Golden Mask. If that doesn't work, just move the object into a puzzle item slot. Any problems, just holler! :D

25th Jun 2008, 09:03
Does that matter? It looks like it says to copy the dat files and then delete them? I've never edited this before so I know it's nothing I did.

no it doesn't matter. you seem to have an updated version of English Script.bat, which is good. (it actually copies the .DAT files from the script folder to the main trle folder as they belong there. then it deletes the unnessesary duplicates in the script folder)

as aktrekker said, look for the "Bronze Orb" line in your faulty script textfiles as the error message pointed out that that is (one of) the problem(s)

25th Jun 2008, 13:15
George, I always make backups of everything once it's working. I learned the hard way about that!!!! Thanks again for everything. I'm just going to go on with this and quit worrying about why this all happened.

Driber and aktrekker, I can't explain it. The Bronze Orb was in there and spelled right, etc. Why LE didn't like it???? I don't know. But I'm going on now since George got it to working. Thanks for everyone's help.

Hopefully, I can come up with something I'm confident enough with to release without getting slammed by the reviewers!

You guys/gals are the best here at the forum!!!

25th Jun 2008, 14:40
If you need a good beta testing team, let us know :D

26th Jun 2008, 14:41
I sure will George. Thanks a million