View Full Version : need help with game, SLOW

20th Jun 2008, 20:40
ok there is no reason my computer cannot run this. I have acer laptop windows vista intel core 2 duo 3gb ram intel 965 chipset graphic card.

I bought this game today, came home and installed it, it installed fine. The game opend up and i created my profile and that opening movie played, smooth as butter. Then i load my first mission, and its fine, when its done loading and you have to click 'continue' to go to the mission my mouse lags up and doesnt move, like i have a 1938 latency or something. I somehow find a way to click 'continue' i get to the game and its choppy, slow, i shoot my gun and it fires like 5 seconds later. I dont get why this happend, i even put all the settings on LOW and it did the same thing!

please someone help me with my situation, if you have any questions i will be sure to respond to help the situation.