View Full Version : xiii-2 official soundtrack in collectors ps3 game box NA

30th Dec 2013, 10:48
Hi. I just bought a used north american version of the xiii-2 soundtrack off of ebay (discs only). I was wondering if the PS3 north american version of the soundtrack boxed in the collectors game edition came with a lyric book. Or is it only japanese releases that come with a lyric and bio pamplet? I already have xiii-2 game. It would be silly to get a used collectors edition. I just want the north american soundtrack.

since this is used version. Is anyone here willing to sell me just a xiii-2 box or pamphlet? Or is really worth coughing up another $50 for a jappanese version ? I guess I could always buy a double jewel case for $2 and print out a xiii-2 and square enix logo.

Regarding x/x-2 HD remaster: will square enix separately release the soundtrack? I already pre-ordered the limited one through Gamestop. Will square enix be willing to sell me a soundtrack separately once I register (proof of purchase)?