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18th Jun 2008, 23:26
DX is a rich game and a mix of gameplay's and game genres.

1/ What gameplay element / part we can add to the game to complete the existing ones.

2/ What genre can complete DX if we want to add an entire genre

3/ Do you want a complex game with an easy handle or a simpler game.

4/ Where the freedom must be stopped ? (morality, environments, realism, sci-fi, etc...)

I think to give an utility of this we should put each number to answer the corresponding question.
I've thought to add entire genres to games or concepts that mixes up more than four genres to one game.
FPS, RPG, RTS, Racing, Adventure
It's only an example of course...

19th Jun 2008, 14:00
1. Some method of climbing other than pre-placed ladders. Rope and hook, sticky fingers, whatever.

2. JRPG N SPAZE-SIM-TYCOON!!!!! W00T!!!! Seriously, I don't think DX can receive any new genre without detracting from the experience. Personally, I don't want to be able to interact with so much as a steering wheel or flightstick.

Also please spare me the GTA style pimp my wardrobe or whatever. I don't mind a bunch of appearance options.

3. This is where it gets tricky. I see a bunch of suggestions on the forums about full sets of armor, elaborate mechanics and ability tweaks of every kind. Sounds cool and all, but it goes too far into RPG or combat-sim territory for my taste. Even if they were all optional to tweak your playstyle, I fear the game could get too cluttered. Then again, other ideas that are arguably superfluous I did like very much.

I liked the DX1 multifunctional LAM. And whereas I didn't mind the DX:IW multi-tool/picklock, I still prefer the DX1 single-function tools.

4. Even trickier than #3. More is better, but it's the game design and script determines how much is too much. (notice there's a hierarchy in that!) Don't have much to say about that.


5. What themes should make and appearance (morality, sci-fi, history, conspiracies, etc...)?

5. I'd love to see more about secret societies - their influence in the world, fronts and hideouts, etc. What I especially love is allusions to and insinuations of weird ceremonies, demon summoning, psychic powers and magic. I DON'T want to see any of that in-game. Just a few stories, traces of mysterious happenings, evidence that can only be explained if you believe in the supernatural or if the laws of physics did strange things, etc. No solid proof, but stuff that could go either way.

19th Jun 2008, 20:34
I understood your will (I think) in DX most of times the secrets are "physical", and perhaps add more secrets on the universe and the scenario that can change the story, or our acknowledgments.

I give my own opinion about the concept more later, but I think theses questions can demonstrate more what direction the game should take, more than ask the question directly, for me the gameplay is more important than the story even if the story is sort of way that can introduce the gameplay.
We have a lot of posts that ask some questions in some forms, but the firsts are a bit different.

The first and the second question can be confused, but the first is an element from a genre and the second is an entire genre. we can speak about complete a genre part of the game. I hope those explanations aren't useless...

19th Jun 2008, 21:10
uhhh...how about this:"If it ain't broke,don't fix it"