View Full Version : FFX HD Remastered Soundtrack

23rd Aug 2013, 12:43
sup guys !

i'm a huge fan of the final fantasy series and FFX is my favorite game of all time i also have great memories with this game so when i checked the last trailer "the one they compare the original battle theme with the new one" i was kinda disappointed no offense but i have memories with the original soundtrack the new sounds awesome i loved it but i still prefer the original one over the new one , do you think there will be an option to switch between the original and the remixed ones ? just like the other FF remakes ?

9th Nov 2013, 12:07
I agree with this. I want to have the option to change back to the original soundtrack. I like the new soundtrack aswell but I want the old ost for the nostalgia factor. Fingers crossed that the option will be added.

29th Dec 2013, 19:46
That was a GOD AWFUL idea. Somehow once again, post company merger you've managed to screw something up that you literally didn't even have to touch.

The soundtracks of all the original games were amazing, the fact that you 'remastered' this one and threw it on a blu ray to make some extra money shows how greedy and blind this company has become. This is why no one gives two s@#%! about anything new related to the final fantasy franchise, you're riding the coat-tails of former glory to a pay day.

Anything that was good about Squaresoft died when they merged with Enix, this just reinforces that idea further.

7th Feb 2014, 16:48
Why why why?! Everything about the original was perfect. All you guys had to do was improve the image quality. No one asked you to screw with the already awesome soundtrack which, by the way, would have a huge nostalgia effect for most of the people buying the game. PLEASE PLEASE include an option to switch to the original soundtrack. You're supposed to be re-releasing the game, just in HD and that's what people want, they don't want you to give it a whole makeover and get rid of the parts they loved.

You're also ****ting all over the whole Final Fantasy series with all the new games you're releasing. You should have stopped after FFX.

21st Mar 2014, 08:36
I feel the exact same as you guys, I played FFX enough in the past so almost ever audio line and music number is embedded in my head but when I'm playing the remaster versions with the new music it just feels so wrong. Also in my opinion the victory fanfare just sounds stupid now.
With Lightning Returns there is the option to download the original voice acting in Japanese, they should give us that option with this except just for the original soundtrack back from 2001.