View Full Version : Deus Ex 1 Remixed Audio, opinions?

17th Jun 2008, 12:34
This isn't really related to DX3 in any way, and it may have been discussed before, but did anyone else think that the remixed tracks used on the playstation and special edition versions of DX1 were just... terrible?

For the most part, they haven't exactly "remixed" them so much as just layed slightly better quality instruments OVER the pre-existing ones, which as well as drowning out some of the other audio, produces a slight chorused sound and sometimes theres a noticeable delay between the two tracks. Some of them aren't tooo bad, but i thought they butchered the main theme in particular.
They used a live orchestra for it, but why does a cyberpunk game need a live orchestra? the fact that the tracks were blatantly synthetic was something i liked, the industrial/electronica soundscapes went perfectly with the theme of the game.

I'd love to do some proper remixes sometime of a few of the tracks, but so far all i've come up with is just an embarrassment to the original music.
DX1 music is so good that I sometimes just listen to the whole soundtrack in the background, and its pretty cool for gaming as well.

I really hope they consider music well in DX3. Music plays a more important part in a game's experience than one might initially think. I certainly remember games like Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Fable, Hitman 2, and Ridd.ick(damn word filters) because they had great music. (Rid.ick i remember had a very nice orchestral theme when the gun battles started up)
I think music can definitely create a mood that can even make up for the game's inconsistencies at portraying it (Not that DX3 will have that kind of problem :P )

17th Jun 2008, 15:01
Ahah! Now seems like yet another opportunity for me to promote myself!
I've done a 'remix' of the DX main theme, though i might call it more of a tribute. listen to it at my band's myspace www.myspace.com/heartlessslug

P.S. I apologise if you are offended and perceive my version as desecration.:rolleyes:

17th Jun 2008, 15:37
Ooh I like it, very dark and industrial..
thought the theme coud've perhaps been more prominent
I actually made an orchestral version of DX theme using some decent VST's (I know i'm a massive hypocrite by saying DX shouldnt be played by an orchestra, but, uhh...)
Also i have a Monkey Island thing and a heavy metal recording of tetris :P


17th Jun 2008, 21:41
I love remixes... obsessed even! :o

Sadly, not many seem to have been made for the DX theme. :(
I have only seen a handful on YouTube and I don't think any of them really pressed any of my buttons, I'm sorry to say. :(

18th Jun 2008, 01:19
I have actually never heard the PS2 soundtrack, which is strange, for a game music junkie like myself.
off I go to change that. I'll comment later.