View Full Version : Just Finished Playing Rogue Trooper

16th Jun 2008, 06:16
That is to say, I've just finished one round through, and am now playing again -- on the 'Massacre' difficulty.

Okay, so: GREAT game. Probably the most all-in-all enjoyable piece of gaming I've played in recent memory. Yes, that is counting all the Half-Life 2 Episodes, Crytek releases, and GTAs.

I could say a lot about level of polish, or framerate issues, but the end result is that this game excels in the areas of: fun (NEVER dropped the ball on this point), innovation (but just enough to keep from getting gimmicky), and depth (true to the spirit of the comic).

I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for a bloody stak'ing wonderful game. :]

PS- oh yeah, and like someone else was saying. Can we get another? Please?