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shadow man raider
14th Jun 2008, 20:35
ok it's not for lara at least not yet, it's about an object that moves.
Here is what i'm looking for, a wall is about to explode and on the wall there is a metal fence blocking the path.What i want is the metal fence to move and fall down on the floor because lara exploded the wall.Is it possible for the trle ??
P.S. i must admit that i'm surprise that i'm still working on TR LEVELS
after almost 8 years of hard work, and here i am working on a fourth episode called THE TRAINING...EPISODE ZERO.The adventure of lara before going to Saudi Arabia.With new animations, new enemies,new puzzles,new textures and new sounds effects.
And of course i'm also the creator of SAUDI ARABIA...EPISODE ONE,
And thanks to all the people who played my games.
DNF :):)

15th Jun 2008, 07:52
Yes, that will be possible with the animation manager in Wadmerger.
It'll take a while to work with that tool, though. Perhaps if you draw a little story-board, someone will offer to create that animation for you.

shadow man raider
17th Jun 2008, 20:00
ok i'm trying to replace an animation with the door that opens from left to right.What i really want is for an example copy the dying animation from the sas in tr3 and replace it with the door open animation.So when you hit the trigger button the door hesitate to fall and 1 second after it falls on the ground and it stays on the ground, the door does'nt disapear.I almost did it, the door falls down but it disapear after, and the next animation comes in.

18th Jun 2008, 08:17
If the door disappears, then try removing all the animation commands for that particular animation. It's that icon with "01011011" on it. And also change the number in the "Next Animation" box so that it points to the same animation.